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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • RBatty - 1 Star Reviews Way Off BaseLooking at the # reviews/star breakdown, if you eliminate the bogus 1 star reviews, what you have is a legitimate 4 star game.

    Let me restate that: This is a bona-fide 4 star game! (I gave 5 stars to offset the ridiculous # of 1 star reviews.)

    I purchased this game for $29.99 during the black Friday deals. Even at the current price, it's still a great buy IMHO.

    The graphics are a significant step-up from D2 (as would be expected after all these years.) The cinematics are beautifully done. The story is quite engrossing. The enemies are varied and challenging depending on how much "monster power" I use....nice risk/reward there. The auction house is actually a lot of fun. I have yet to get a legendary drop, but I've been able to use some gold to buy items to help augment my character.

    I have had ZERO connectivity issues and ZERO issues playing on Windows 8.

    Yes there are no "skill trees" as in D2. No problem. I don't miss 'em that much.

    In summary, this is a great effort by Blizzard. I hope they make an expansion as before with D2. I hope it's more than 1 act as well ;-)
  • J. Cook - Weight loss is a snapThis product has been working already. I have been taking 3 pills before each meal. I have lost about 2 pounds a week and I asked my doctor to make sure it was safe for me. My doctor said I could take this with no side effects. I would say check with your doctor but I am so glad that this product is working and I have been cleared to use it. I do not feel any different when I take this other than I just don't have the same appetite before taking this product. It is worth trying as what do you have to lose other than weight.
  • Sahar Shahin - Very Enlightening with some myth-bustingDon't expect to be too surprised by the information in this book. Many of the differences between men and women are common knowledge. We all know, for example, that men watch much much more porn than women. However, expect to be surprised a few times by the time you've finished the book.

    What the book really does for you is quantify and provide context. It's a very interesting read about a very popular subject, so you will have trouble putting it down!