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  • Daniel Rodriguez - I’m just a reader, not a criticI’m not a book critic. I’m a reader. I read because I like to be entertained. A book is real good if it grabs me from the start. This one did.

    Wool is a great story and was easy to read. I read the Wool series in a matter of days. The story flows well and doesn’t leave too many questions unanswered. The concept of the story was very interesting/intriguing. There were some good twists/surprises. I liked the characters and felt I understood them. There was just the right amount of description. I’m not big on a page and a half describing the door handle.

    Again, I’m just a reader, not a critic.
  • Martin - Very effective, without the itchI've used several different minoxidil applications for my thinning hair, including Rogaine drops and Kirkland drops. Both always left my scalp feeling extremely itchy. My doctor recommended this when I told him about the problem and mentioned that I was thinking of trying an off-brand minoxidil. He warned me not to, because "you never really know what's in it."

    I've been using Rogaine foam for about two months now and I've already seen better results. The corners of my frontal hairline have begun sprouting new hairs and my [not terribly] receding hairline seems to be coming back. It's advertised as being effective only on the crown, but for me (and others) it works anywhere it's applied—but it should probably just be used on the head. Anyone just starting minoxidil treatment should be aware that after about the first two months of use, there will be an increase in shedding, what I've learned is called the "dread shed," and it can be very dreadful, indeed. DON'T STOP USING when this starts even though it might make you panic. It's a good sign! The shedding stops relatively quickly and hair growth will start soon thereafter. Though I've read about it and why it happens, I'm not qualified to explain it, so I'll leave it up to you to search for more information. I can say, though, that my hair loss seems to have stopped almost completely.

    I should note that though the foam is easy to apply and dries quickly, a good amount of it can get stuck in your hair and not actually make it to your scalp. Because of this, and because I use it around the entire top of my head, I end up using about double the recommended amount.
  • James Miller - Super helpfulI can’t recommend it highly enough! Was great to have on my iPad while we were in Paris. It made finding restaurants easy, and helped with planning our days. Plenty of food recommendations, museum info, day-trip recommendations, etc...

    If you’re going to Paris, buy this!
  • Patricia "A Reader" - F O R....E D U C A T I O N A L....A N D....S C I E N T I F I C....U S E... O N L Y.This tin of URANIUM ORE can be used for any number of interesting scientific and educational uses. However, the educational and scientific use that springs immediately to my mind is -- to SCIENTIFICALLY EDUCATE Ms. Sarah Paylin, (or anyone else who would steal our constitutional liberties from us), should she (or ANYONE else), ever be elected to the Presidency of the United States of America, by our fellow very well-meaning, but badly-led-astray, citizenry -- who will discover, with a shock, that the new President,
    (whoever he or she is), is bent on taking away our Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties, in a way that even George III would never have dreampt!

    To me, Ms. Paylin ("Payline"?), especially, (but not -- shudder -- exclusively!) -- represents a clear and present danger, even today. However, I would not seriously imperil her life, safety, (or Freedom), unless she were to gain the Presidency, and thus be in a position to imperil my own life, safety, (and Freedom!)

    Of course, I may be VERY, VERY wrong about this. (How I hope I am!) Ms. Paylin may be as harmless as any other empty-headed politico. (I sincerely, fervently, positively and absolutely hope so!) But my "sixth sense", (the psychic one --
    quite active in people born under the sign of Peices, such as myself) warns me that this just may not be so. Ms. Paylin -- underneath her somewhat charming, somewhat intelligent, sometimes confused exterior -- seems to me a person as hard as nails. With her, (or so my inner sense warns me), it is "My Way Or The Highway". With Ms. Paylin, you must agree with her -- or else. A book by Charles R. Allen Jr., published in 1966, (I will not mention its title here, to protect the more innocent amongst my readers), describes those places which are, to America's great and everlasting shame, STILL dotting the American landscape TODAY! Should Ms. Paylin ever become President, my "sixth sense little voice" tells me these places will be filled to overflowing, with those who commit "politically-incorrect crimes" -- even, probably, to the liking of Ms. Paylin's least favourite colour, (whatever colour that may be.)

    However....this product -- a small tin of Uranium Ore -- does give me hope. It is sad indeed to think of it ever coming to this -- but, it may become the "underground's" weapon of choice, (or at least, WARNING of choice), should Ms. Paylin 1) Become President, and 2) Unfold, in her presidency, the stuff of my worst nightmares, (whioh I still admit may NOT occur. Oh, how I HOPE they do not!)

    Should my nightmares come true, however, I am sure that one of Madam President's first acts will be to BAN ALL PRIVATELY-OWNED GUNS AND FIRE-ARMS. (This has already happened in England -- according to a VERY scary film produceed by the NRA. In it, even fire-arms and guns which are no more than beautiful museum pieces -- if held in private hands -- were destroyed!) Weaponless, the "average" citizen will now be totally helpless, without even gun-owning neighbours to protect him or her! HOWEVER, (heh, heh, heh!) URANIUM ORE IS NOT A GUN OR A FIREARM, in the usual sense of the word. Should enough of us buy this product -- and SAFELY store it -- this Uranium Ore can be used in times of emergency....if only as a threat. This IS a necessary precaution -- one must have this product, in case it is needed, however -- during ANY event which may take our cherished freedoms from us, (which may or may not include a Sarah Paylin Presidency.)

    Why? Through my mind as I write this, is the scene in the original "Planet of the Apes" movie, wherein Charleton Heston, (as "Taylor"), is told: 'ONLY APES HAVE HORSES'. And, probably, only Apes have weapons, as well!

    With the price of gasoline and automobiles going higher and higher, it may even come to the point where only the goverment can afford private vehicles as well. I F this ever happens, it is time to buy MORE THAN ONE tin of Uranium Ore!

    One need not be a Boy Scout to follow the motto: BE PREPARED.

    If none of my nightmares come true, I'm sure that these tins of Uranium Ore can be used for cooking, and other harmless, domestic purposes. (If so, be sure to get appropriate clothing for protection
    when using!)

    I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE WANTED MORE TO BE WRONG. But it never hurts to "be prepared". An easy way to safeguard our liberties is to VOTE LIBERTARIAN in the 2012 election! Ron Paul, (a former Republican), and Mike Gravel, (a former Democrat), are my own two favourite Libertarian candiddates. If you wish, read up on these candidates, and on the Libertarian Party itself, Thomas Jefferson said: "Eternal Vigilance Is The Price Of Freedom." He MEANT it. So, in my own humble way, do I!
  • N. Rogers - An Honest but Tasteful Account of HorrorI don't understand why some people gave this book such bad reviews, although the overall average for reviewers on Goodreads was a little over 4 stars. Elizabeth Smart tells of her unbelievable experience while held captive and literally helpless for 9 months at the age of fourteen. I listened to the audiobook which she narrates herself, giving the emphasis and tone SHE wants each sentence to have. I generally enjoy books that are presented by professionals more than those in the author's voice, but in this case I felt it added a lot to hear Elizabeth tell her own story in her own voice.

    I have seen this remarkable young woman interviewed several times, and she impressed me enough that I wanted to find out how she had overcome her horrendous ordeal. She tells her story clearly, honestly, but with amazing taste. Others have complained that she did not provide enough "gory details," but this is one of the qualities that sets her book apart from the sensational "tell all" books out there. She doesn't shrink from explaining what happened to her and how she felt about it all. There was no doubt in my mind what kind of abuse and humiliation this young girl was subjected to for nearly a year of her life. She was isolated from everyone, tied to a tree, often starved, raped and threatened daily by her captors. But she makes this apparent without ever losing her dignity or self-respect in the telling.

    Yet Elizabeth has come through all of it with gratitude for her family, her community, her faith, and the help of everyone who even attempted to find and help her. She is clearly aware of what her kidnappers took from her and what they did to her. She describes her fear for her own life and the lives of her family. I came away with a clear understanding of why she did not cry out for help during the few times she came in contact with law enforcement during her captivity; her fear was overwhelming and debilitating.

    Elizabeth also explains how her religious faith sustained her through this terrible time and showed her a path to recovery. Yet she insists that this does not have to be the way for others, giving profound hope for those who do not share her beliefs. I appreciate and respect that openness. This young woman has chosen to use what she learned through tribulation to assist those whose lives have been shattered by abuse and torture; and she has made a conscious decision to be happy herself. She considers those dreadful nine months of her life to be but a small fraction compared to the joy she has experienced during the other 24 plus years she has lived. She serves as an inspirational model to us all. This is a book that more than exceeded my expectations and I recommend it without qualification to others.