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  • Nikki - Everyone should own one of these!!I absolutely love this product!! I have only used it one time, but can already see a reduction in hair growth. I used the product on five stars and it wasn't painful, but rather uncomfortable on certain areas. My underarms were the worst. My hair grows very quickly. If I shave in the morning I will usually have to shave again at night if I plan on going out. I shaved yesterday morning, used the Remington IPL, and woke up this morning with my legs still relatively smooth. AMAZING!!! It will continue to update as time progresses and I use the product more.
  • Star - Constipation after taking Acai Berry CleanseIm 19 years old, and my bowel movement is regular, i started to take this acai pills since i want to lose weight after 2 weeks it really cleansed my stomach, i didn't feel bloated. After consuming the whole bottle i suffered from constipation 4 days from now. And i read on the internet that it has no side effects. I remember when i was taking this pills i didn't drink lots of water as indicated if taking acai pills, i wonder if this is the reason i'm suffering from constipation..
  • Yu-jin Chia "Yu-Jin Chia" - Very easy to useIt took almost as long to install this program as to finish my will. Granted, I don't have hugely complex finances, but it still was a LOT easier than I thought it would be.

    The whole process is pretty similar to TurboTax, which I guess shouldn't be a surprise since it's also an Intuit product. Most of the steps have additional explanation if needed, and when you print it out it includes directions for what else you need to do (if anything). The whole thing takes into account state laws and is easy to make changes to if necessary.

    Aside from a will, you can generate a power of attorney document, healthcare directives, and directions for an executor. Generally speaking, it does a good job of reminding you of all the things you might own that are of any value, and all you have to do is list them. If you don't have all the information, it lets you leave partial descriptions in most cases and you can update it later.

    You can export the files as pdf format, though of course it's not valid unless signed/notarized. A book is included for some frequently asked questions and scenarios, mostly related to handling divorces, potentially disputed assets, and such.

    Doing all the documents took me about 2 hours. It's a testament to how easy this product is to use that it'll probably take a lot longer for you to print, sign, and notarize the documents than to generate them (yeah, I still have to finish that...) After that, enjoy some peace of mind. This is a great alternative to hiring a lawyer, and allows you to work at your own pace.
  • shylock1234 - Palin is a true American Icon!Palin does it again! At first I was hesitant to read this book, but was hooked from the first page. After taking my anti-psyche meds I dove right in to this amazing and wonderful book. I wasn't aware that there was a war on Christmas. I had to run out and buy a gun and bullets. I had to use my fake id since felons can't have guns in the state of AZ. My mind is wandering again.

    I was shopping at the most Holy Wal-Mart and the check out clerk said Happy Holidays. It has completely shaken my faith in the United States. I am thinking of moving to a more Godly nation like Russia. Maybe I can move next door to Sarah. We could bake cookies and other goodies from the recipes in her book. Maybe we can go target shooting together... oh the possibilities, but again my mind is wandering.

    So glad there is someone who will stand up for good moral values and Christianity. Why the other day I was approached by a homeless man who asked me for money. Do you think I gave him as much as a dime. No. I gave him a copy of the blessed book and wished him a Merry Christmas. Than later on in the day someone asked me for a donation to help the sick in Africa. What is wrong with these people. Don't they know there is a war on Christmas. Feeding the homeless is the least of my worries. Oops... it happened again... my mind is wandering.

    Back to the book... the language and punctuation are amazing... not one semi-colon out of place and not one single made up word. Her ideas are simple and precise... very easy to understand... a four year old could understand and if properly indoctrinated could repeat passages from the book verbatim... When I finished the book I realized she wrote it for kindergarteners. If we don't get to our youth Christmas is lost forever. My mind is wandering again.

    While making the rounds around town... I saw all these bright and festive lights, but no nativity scene at the court house. No ten commandments on the front door of the high school. The evil lib-tards are in the grips of Satan and I just can't understand why (as Sarah so succinctly puts it) God is being pulled from our nation. Everybody knows that this nation was founded upon Christian principles. It's those Muslims.. Those Muslims and Buddhist.. I have so much more to say, but it is time for my shock treatments.

    I beg everybody to read this book. Instead of giving to charity this year buy as many copies and give them to all your friends. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!