Continuum Medical Care | Private Clinic in Vancouver - Continuum Medical Care is a private medical clinic in Vancouver offering a wide range of private hospital & specialist services as well as public health insured medical services.

Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: V6Y Richmond, British Columbia

  • Sandy Edwards - Worthy of its creatorsThis album stands on its own as the best guitar rocking release that Floyd ever did. Yes the lyrics are awesome, the rythyms are soulful and the floydisms are there, but the importance I get out of it is that Gilmour steps out and lets loose on this mother. All Floyd is worthy of owning (even Final Cut). Each has its own theme. This one is about in your face guitar. A must have for every guitar enthusiast.
  • L. Denktas "Mom of two" - LOVED!! This book!Well illustrated. Easy to understand and down to the point. This is not a doctor manual, but in an emergency I would love to have this book with me. It tells what to look for and how to help people in a limited medical help situation. It has 338 pages of what you might encounter and what to do if a medical crisis happens. It also has a use and dosage of medicine area, green pages 229-398. Additional info and charts from pages 399-455. It is a great book, I would recommend it for every family. Good to know what to do just incase of a disaster, medical trama, etc.