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  • Daveda J. Campbell "tcmanifesto" - the Pinnacle of FloydAnimals was composed by the members of Pink Floyd during a time of economic and social unrest in England. The Orwellian cover depicting the harrowing factory with a pig hovering over the smokestacks is one of my favorite album covers of all time. The track listing obviously alludes to the novel Animal Farm."Pigs on the Wing" are both excellent ways to begin this album it presents a sense of comfort when trying to digest the ten minute plus epics that make up the middle of the album. Throughout the album the lyrics are cynical and full of anger. Animals also contains David Gilmour's best work as a member of Pink Floyd. His outro solo on Pigs (Three Different Ones) is the most rockin solo in any Pink Floyd song and his rhythm work is interesting, masterfully complementing Richard Wright's keyboard part and Waters' Bass lines. The song Sheep is driven by a hypnotic bass line similar to "One of These Days" on Meddle. Overall Sheep has an apocalyptic feel to it and is a great way to end the album.
  • Abigail Miller - Great resource!This is a great reference book and resource. It has all the information you need about medical schools and their admissions requirements, standards, and much more. A must have for the medical school application process. Great book!!