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  • Patrick W. Crabtree "The Old Grottomaster" - Solid Christian literature

    I'm giving this one five stars even though I did not personally care for it. Why? Because the author has rendered a magnificently-written, coherent story (albeit, a pretty unreal one) which achieves a high enough level of literary excellence that I'm compelled to call it "American Christian Literature". I believe that the writing is equivalent in quality to that of some past great American authors, say James Thurber, Lloyd C. Douglas, etc.

    Some people are simply tired of reading filth and trash (not me -- I LIKE filth and trash in terms of seedy characters, furtive activities and lewd language, except I'm not a fan of pornographic writing nor do I like stories where anything bad happens to kids). If you are a person who's had enough of smutty dynamics and you'd like, for a change, to read a story of fiction that is targeted for adults and yet does not contain foul language or deviant characters, then "At Home in Mitford" might just be for you.

    Of the various dillemmas which arise for "Father Tim," I can definitely state that I'd personally solve them all in 30 seconds without a second thought, although not in the thoughtful, concerned, sensitive way that he does *.* These are NOT monumental problems that we're talking about here... they are (from the reader's view) humorous little enigmas for the most part, but clearly important to the lives of the potentially affected characters in the book. The level of melodrama in this book definitely did not make my heart pound but that's what comes of my having worked in law enforcement for over 25 years -- I've seen it all and have pretty much gotten numb to the worst of it.

    So, this is a nice, charming, warm, little story which I think many life-long Christians will find some relief in. The moral lessons do not really interfere with the story and, in fact, provide more of a "covert undertone". And the good news is that this one is but the first entry of a series. Some might compare this author's literary posture with that of C.S. Lewis -- I think that Karon's work here is far superior to anything that Lewis ever published -- that's just my opinion and perhaps Lewis fans would not agree.

    In summary, for me, this book was as boring as a box of Quaker Oats. BUT, my tastes in fiction are hardly in line with those of regular, normal people (I loved "Fight Club"!) and I must, to be fair, award credit where I feel it is due. This work is nicely presented and I would highly recommend it for appropriate readers... those Christians (or other spiritually-oriented people) whom are seeking some really light escapism.

  • Abigail Miller - Great resource!

    This is a great reference book and resource. It has all the information you need about medical schools and their admissions requirements, standards, and much more. A must have for the medical school application process. Great book!!

  • Dad of Divas - Fun Flying Fairies Will Take Over Your Home!

    One of the first things I noticed with this toy were the details that the toy company put into the fairy itself. The toy was beautiful, and my daughter thought so as well. The toy itself takes 6 AA batteries (which is a lot), but what these batteries make the toy do is pretty unique and cool. Seeing that the toy itself does take a lot of batteries I might recommend using lithium batteries for longevity if use. I did not try this with rechargeable batteries so do not know how well they would work with this, but it is a possibility that these may also work well. The batteries are placed in the docking station (as I call it) for the fairy and charges the fairy itself. This station is also the launching station for the fairy too. By charging your fairy and then hitting the button you are able to launch the fairy into the air and then by placing your hand underneath the fairy you can control where she goes and how high she flies.

    I have to say that my daughters loved controlling heir fairy and they thought this was a very fun toy to use. As mentioned above I decided to use lithium as I surmised that I could need them, and so far they have been working great. My five and nine year old girls were able to control the fairy with no problems and the biggest problem that we had was having the girls share the fairy!

    All-in-all this was a fun toy and one that I am sure that your kids will love too!

    *I received this for review - all opinions are my own*

  • Erik G - You don't have to use the software!

    I use this as a baby monitor.

    We have a (similar price range) baby monitor that outputs low resolution video to a handheld wireless display. I wanted something with high definition output that we could view on any device.

    The first thing I did was plug the camera in and locate it on the network. I used the Windows explorer network GUI to locate the camera, right-clicked the icon, and selected 'view device webpage'. logged in with default credentials. The built in web server had me install a browser plugin then there was my picture in 720p.

    This interface is very similar to a D-link router configuration page.

    I then:

    updated the firmware
    configured user/pw settings
    configured network settings
    configured wireless
    placed the camera
    adjusted the focus manually
    went back in and configured DDNS

    That was it. Took about an hour.

    D-link supports 3 methods to view the picture; the included "my D-link" software, software called "D-view cam" which is available on the website, or by connecting to the camera's web interface directly.

    I bypassed all of the software and connect to the camera directly by using Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Chrome for android. I get a 30fps 720p picture on every device. So easy to use. Looks great. No issues whatsoever with 720p or connectivity.

    I'm not using motion detection or recording, so I can't speak to the function of those capabilities.

    If you expect excellent ptz/motion detection/remote viewing performance from the DCS-5222L, I think you may be disappointed. This is an inexpensive consumer-grade product. Great baby monitor though.

    For my use, this is a wonderful product and I couldn't be happier.