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  • A. Pierre - Money in The Bank 2011Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder match featuring Sin Botcha...Cara, sorry, Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, and Kane: Ever since the branding of Raw and Smackdown, the blue brand has always put on the best "wrestling" show. This match featured many future main eventers. Sadly, these guys work there tails off and get drafted to Raw and either survive or never heard from again and eventually released, Chris Masters recently and Chuck Palumbo are two prime examples. This match was good but suffers from what other MIB ladder matches suffer from. You see opponents on and off thru out the match and it's hard to focus on most of the action. Daniel Bryan wins in a shocker. Great opener.

    Kelly Kelly VS Brie Belle: Skip

    Mark Henry VS Big Show: I was surprised how well this match went. Big Show pulled off a few cool moves. Henry wins with world's strongest slam and two splashes. Henry breaks Show's ankle afterwards.

    Raw Money in The Bank featuring Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Alex Riley, R-Truth, Jack Swagger: Everyone grabs a ladder as the enter, bell rings, and they attack Del Rio with it. They then throw the ladders onto Del Rio on the outside. Probably the best five opening minutes to a MIB match but they kept on using a little ladder to reach the briefcase. Miz appears to hurt his knee after falling off the ladder. This match had alot of good spots, a must see.

    World Champion Randy Orton VS Christian: If Orton gets disqualified, Christian will win the title. These two have always had good matches and this was a good way for Christian win the world title considering his persona. I'm just glad Christian's championship regin lasted longer then two days.

    CM Punk VS John Cena: This was the first match I was looking foward too in the longest time. I didnt know what was going happen and it made for a great match. The Chicago crowd was lively and made for a fun experince. This was one helluva good match. Vince McMahon comes down with his new stooge, John Laurintis (who cares how you spell it) and tries to recreate the Montreal incident but Cena puts a stop to it. Punk wins cleanly with the GTS. Vince goes crazy, trying to have Del Rio come out, and cash it in but he fails. Punk slips thru the crowd with the belt after blowing Vince a kiss. I friggin love Punk, always have.

    Overall, one of the best WWE PPV's in years that lived up to it's own hype. The two MIB matches were excellent, Henry-Show was actually good, Orton-Christian just progessed the feud, and Punk-Cena lived up to expectations. WWE is starting to look good after years of being boring and predictable. A must own PPV.
  • Wulfstan "wulfstan" - Uncle Wulfy, can I play with your iPad?Ooh, a tough question. Even tougher is "Can I have a tablet of my own?". Younger kids (this is designed for early grade school) can be really tough on electronics, and there are places on the Web you don't want them going. This handy little device is the perfect solution. True, it mostly plays games, but that's what they wanna do anyway. It also has a decent camera.

    This does need a little adult supervision to download apps from your home computer, but after that, you can hand off the device to the kids with hardly a worry. It's tough, and Disney safe. It does make learning fun.

    Do get some of those peel off screen protectors and LOTS of batteries. LOTS.