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  • William Lahrmer "Jedi Master" - Tuscan Milk the nectar of blessed sightAs i frantically searched for my movie the Postman, I decided to order some tuscan whole milk. As i serched threw the frist 100 binders i could not find it. Then i heard the knocking on my door, I rushed to find the postman. I opened the box and grabbed the gallon of whole milky goodness. i opened it to hear the popping of freshness. I procedded to drink the whole gallon. Soon after I finished the milk I was blessed with sight beyond sight. I found my movie in the 256 binder, on page 75 in the lower left hand corner. I seen it so brillantly and put it in the dvd player. Unfortantllly I had to wait until my sight was returned to normal. I waited for a total of three months and then I was able to watch my movie. Thank you Tuscan Milk.
  • MntMom - Love this product, it has helped me!After suffering from bloating and gas in the evenings, I decided to give this a try. I was tired of feeling sickly, and miserable every night. I started taking it with my evening meal. This product has worked wonders for me! It took about 2-3 weeks before I noticed a difference, but I no longer feel bloated or gassy in the evenings, and have even been able to indulge in beans on occasion, without the awful side effects I once had. I should mention that I also take medication for an under active thyroid, am female, age 46. I noticed no side affects whatsoever. I have been taking it for about a month and a half now, am thrilled with the results, and will continue buying this product.
    Also, I noticed on this site it says for adults to take two capsules twice a day with meals, but on the actual bottle it says take one capsule daily with a meal, which is what I do.
  • MRW "Trixilula" - Great Read for Parents of Boys AND GirlsI've read Rosalind Wiseman's books for girls and recommend them often to friends. I don't have a Son but thought this book would be great to read as a parent of a Girl to gain insights into Boy World as my daughter is now in Middle School. I think it's very helpful to have an idea of what the teen years are like for boys too in order to provide my daughter with better advice as she starts forming relationships with boys as she gets older.

    I have downloaded The Guide and plan to read this soon and as my daughter gets older, I may have her read it or parts of it because the Boys' perspective on certain topics may help her handle certain situations better. I would have loved to read a book like The Guide as a teenager to have a better idea of what was going on with the boys around me.
  • M. Barry "Tardis Repair Engineer" - Mittens Supreme Court BinderOh please please tell me how I can get into Mittens Supreme Court Binder. As I am past my useful years as I can no longer procreate, rather than commit suicide, I am begging Mittens to put me into his Supreme Court Binder Full Of Women [tm] as I would so love to swap recipes with Sonya and Ruthie. I'll even move to China when he so wisely outsources the Court there to help them broaden their horizons. Just as long as I can be in that manly binder of his, my worthless life as a non breeder will be complete. Then I might be worthy of resurrection through my husband when I die.
  • Jason - Perfect for garnishing pancakes.I bought this for use at work, as a final garnish on top of pancakes or French toast. Quick, clean, and simple enough that the front of house staff can use it without cutting off a finger. Works perfectly, even in a high volume setting.

    7/19/2013 It has held up to daily use for a few months now. I'm ordering a few more, because someone lost our original.