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  • Chris Meirose "Big Chris" - I think I missed it the first read throughInitially, I think I missed some of the big picture from this book the first time through. I had the chance to see David Platt speak a few months after reading it, which caused me to go back & give it a second look. What I found there really resonated with me deeply the second time through. So my first read would've given it a weak 4 of 5 star, it is now a solid 5 of 5 stars.

    In short, Platt is calling us back to a biblical Christianity - living out our faith as it is instructed in the Bible, rather than based on our traditions and/or feelings. A bit different than how Francis Chan has been doing this, but with a very similar spirit and common end goal I think. Platt's is probably a bit more narrowly focused than Chan's vision in my opinion. Both are needed.

    Upon my first reading, I honestly chaffed a bit at what appeared to be Platt pushing some guilt on "America" for being prosperous. My second time through, and after hearing him speak, it is clear that I was mistaken. Platt's passion for the spread of the Gospel is challenging, inspirational, and infectious. To live as Platt (and the Bible) calls us is indeed to be Radical. That might mean some sacrifice on our part - but to God be the glory if we may be blessed with that opportunity.

    Platt challenges the reader in Radical to step up in a big way in living out your faith. He calls us to step forward boldly in partnering with the work of God to spread His Good News throughout the world.

    God continues to open my eyes and heart to the needs of the world around me, and Radical is another challenging blessing to help me move forward. I appreciate the holy discontent this book fosters in me. I further appreciate how he resists creating a cookie cutter process of applying this to our own lives. He stirs up the discontent creating the need, but then lets you find how to best meet that need in your own life/ministry. Some might want it spelled out step by step for them, but I think it would've been a mistake for him to do so.

    The final thing I want to mention that is worth noting is at the very least in reading this book, David Platt's passion for this subject is unmistakable. His heart comes through on every page, and for me that makes it ever more so readable. Passion is a highly underrated thing in writing a book, and in Radical he's managed to put it into words so that it might ignite something in everyone who reads it. Well done!
  • M. Bennett - This book is excellent and covers most of 'man's' aliments with household remedies and pharmaceuticals to treat them.If one is not trained in first aid this book is very important for finding and understanding what is going on with many common symptoms. I feel this is worth having in the family library for a great reference to medical symptoms and basic cures. It is simply written, which makes it easy for anyone to understand. Full of drawings to help clearly present the points covered, and it is easy to research problems.

    I give the book an EXCELLENT rating for it's arrangement, which is important to find a symptom and cure, then it cross-references the symptom to every page in the book containing information on that symptom and cure.

    Even though this book deals with detailed remedies that are readily available to anyone anywhere. The book also has a section that names pharmaceuticals that MUST be obtained by a prescription in America! If one travels to a third-world country this reference may be valuable in diagnosing a serious condition and obtaining proper treatment. Especially if there is a communication issue with the available caregiver.

    This is not a detailed `survival' type book. It is more of a primer in most all of man's aliments and what (prescription) drugs are commonly used to treat them, along with simple remedies that may be tried.

    The title says it all. This book is most appropriate in third-world, foreign countries, that do not have the same standards as in America; in regard to restrictions on providing drugs without prescriptions to anyone. The book assumes that you are in a third-world country and you can obtain drugs without prescriptions. Such as:

    Injectable Penicillins; Ampacillin; Tetracyclines; Cotrimazole; Rifampicin' Diloxanide furorate. . . On and on with (US) prescription drugs.

    Overall, this is a great book for most first aid remedies.

    Another excellent book by this organization is "Where There Is No Dentist".
  • Avery Morrow "Hello!" - Read this bookYou owe it to yourself as an American, or as someone in any country who may someday face disaster, to read this book. It is a story of individual heroism and institutional betrayal. It is a story about a family man and a community hero tortured by the country he loves. Dave Eggers has rid himself of his postmodern, self-mocking purple prose and come to focus on the hard facts of modern life in times of hardship. If this isn't a life-changing book, I don't know what is.