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  • David Field - Great book on something most people can't do well

    I came across a guy recently who's put out a really good book, for everyone that has a video camera. I've owned a whole lot of cameras since the 1970s, culminating in my DLSR. I thought I knew a lot about composition and engaging an audience, but Steve Stockman's book showed me, like most people I had little idea about how to shoot movies.

    The book is called "How to Shoot Video that Doesn't Suck." As Steve says, if you shoot the normal sort of video people will get bored and zone out or leave. He has a number of solutions. The first thing is to have some sort of a plan. Don't expect that you'll get interesting video by walking around with the camera. He suggests that when you start shooting you don't move or zoom the camera, but just position yourself and set the camera so that you can see the your subject.

    His second point is to close up on people's faces. Parts of your video should be emotional, and that emotion is seen on people's faces. Again, stay in one place where you are able to capture a face in close up. Their expressions are the best way to tell your story.

    He says that newbie videographers often let each shot run too long. Around 10 seconds is usually long enough. If the person is saying something that that takes a long time to explain, cut to other shots for a second or two during this time. Almost everyone will grow bored quickly with a person on screen that shown in the same position, even if they're telling an interesting story.

    The other thing is a problem with light. I see so many cruise videos where the camera person starts in the corridor, opens the cabin door, and the light from the windows is so bright that until the camera adjusts you can't see anything. He advises shooting against the light, for instance if a person is sitting in front of a window. All you'll get is a silhouette where you can't see the face.

    I felt really bad because, in spite of my photography experience, I would have made these mistakes pretty much immediately. The book has around 250 pages and there are plenty of other tips which will make your videos more interesting. If you don't want to invest in the book, you can go to Steve Stockman's web site (Google it) and find a lot of the lessons there.

    But since this book is so cheap (just over $11 on Amazon) and because I like to have something in front of me where I can refer to rules rather than try and remember what happened in a training video, it's worth getting.

  • lminaglia - severe acne can be resolved qith thus product!!!!

    I have tried for years... literally since I was 13 years d ( I'm 26) and I have tried everything from Accutane to 300 dollar acne solutions and nothing has consistently done as well for my skin than Exposed Skincare. I have used this peoduct for just about 2 years. With all the great tips and inside of how to continuously keep your pores clean and keep your acne away and there is nothing in this moment in time that does the job like exposed skin care! I promise you will not regret the choice of getting this product.

  • J. Peplinski - Much improved sequel on many fronts!

    Other reviews here do a full rundown of all of the different modes, workouts, etc. I'll skip that and just give a rundown of the improvements over the previous YSFE and other fitness games:

    - Better "select" method. Instead of holding your hand over a location for 2-3 seconds, you now push your hand forward, simulating pushing a big button. Also, sometimes you can "punch" to select, which is quick and satisfying. (e.g. After a workout, you "punch" your calories and they shatter)

    - No mandatory time-wasting tutorials on how to do some very easy exercises. However, I still wish it were an option for those who may not be used to exercising and need guidance on proper form (e.g. make sure your knee doesn't extend past your ankle when doing squats).

    -Improved motion tracking. There are fewer exercises where it doesn't register me doing it, even though I know I am (and am doing it in proper form). In the last one, there were several very easy ones where it didn't register me doing it.

    -"My Objective" is better than the old workout program. Here's why: under the old one, you repeated the same workouts over and over and there was little variety. Under the current "My objective," you answer a few simple questions to describe your goal, and the game flags the workouts, classes, and activities that will help you reach your objective. So, you get to pick what you do and can add some variety. Only problem with that is that if you are a novice and really want someone to just tell you what exercises to do, it doesn't do that.

    -While it does keep track of calories burned, the My Objective focuses more on the amount of time you devote to exercising. I like that because I never know how the calories burned is determined. Also, I use a Polar Heart Rate Monitor and keep track of burned calories separately, so I don't really care what the game says I've burned. As with any fitness game, you have to focus on doing the exercises as best you can and not focus on getting 100% on everything. It just isn't going to happen and if you let that frustrate you, you are missing the point.

    -Much more variety in different types of activities, focused workouts, and especially classes. I still need to try them all out, but have found them to be varied enough to always give you something new to do. Of course, there is also the DLC available, either through U-Play points, sponsored content, or the good old Microsoft Points. I'm going to have a hard time paying for DLC though, since there is so much content in the game to keep me busy.

    I think I rated the last one 4 stars and there were enough improvements in this one to bump it up to 5 stars. Definitely better than the first YSFE or EA Sports Active.

  • theTruth - Easy to install, very fast (Early 2008 MBP 15 in) (UPDATED!!)

    Let me start by saying I know nothing about the internal workings of a computer. Before performing this upgrade, I taught myself to change the RAM on my specific computer by looking up videos on YouTube. My computer's RAM was upgraded, and I noticed a little improvement in the speed, but not by a lot. So I realized not long after that I needed an SSD.

    Before purchasing the Crucial M500 SSD, I spent days googling this issue to ensure I:
    1) would buy the correct SSD that is compatible with my MBP (Model A1260)
    2) had the procedure to swap out the drives practically memorized (so that I wouldn't be stuck while doing it). Side note: Crucial gives an amazing step by step guide to changing the HD for each computer type on their website for free. If you have a Macbook Pro A1260, the link to the specific tutorial I used is here:

    Next, I needed to gather the correct materials to perform the procedure. You need two different types of screw drivers. Instead of going out and buying them, I used my screw driver from my eye-glasses repair kit. It is double sided, and one side worked with the smaller screws, while the other side worked with the screws requiring the Torx 6 screw driver.

    I installed the SSD with no problems by following the tutorial step by step. Then I turned the computer on and waited. Black screen. My heart sank. THEN, 6 seconds later, it turned on! I am not sure why it took that long to turn on, but thank goodness it turned on at all. I had to put in my Snow Leopard install disk so that I could then download Mountain Lion from the App Store.

    The install time of Snow Leopard took was about 1 hour - a very long time. Mountain Lion installed in about half an hour. I thought because these install times were so slow, that something must be wrong with the SSD. Not so - after everything was installed, my computer was running faster than it ever has. Applications open up in a split second. It goes to sleep and wakes from sleep in a split second. It also restarts in an incredibly short amount of time. I love this drive, and also the fact that I was able to install it myself without any problems.

    If any problems do occur, I will update this review.

    Update on 09/25/2013

    I've had this SSD for about a month now, and it is working beautifully. This update is just to inform everyone that is considering buying it (or that has already bought it) that Crucial has released a firmware update for the M500 (released yesterday).

    To check which "revision" (i.e., version) of the firmware you have on a Mac, visit:

    The actual updated firmware download can be found here:

    The process to update the firmware can be found here: