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  • Martinez Mitch "My Opinion, worth what you pa... - Worked Great to B/U a PC - Very Pleased - Very Portable Too!I purchased this to back up my step Mothers PC. With the features it had to B/U FB pics, go to the cloud ect., I was worried it might be too (software) complicated for us (me) to use. But it is great. It's extremely small, and will allow her to take it with her when she has her greeting cards made at the print shop, etc. I was able to B/U her entire PC. I cannot comment or review the other features, as we did need them. But as a portable B/U hard drive - it's perfect. No hassles, easy to use and transport...
  • Kevin Savino-Riker - Creating a prototype for the science of GoodnessThroughout history, we've seen that individuals can bring forth ideas that spark entire movements - shifts in thinking at the societal level - if those ideas are of sufficient profundity. It's becoming clear that the collective of modern scientific thinkers who believe science has no tools to inform morality are in need of their own Reformation, and Sam Harris might just be the next Martin Luther.

    In 'The Moral Landscape', Harris does the hard work for the reader; he reasons through his assertions with such rigor that he presents every objection you could think of, and four more that you didn't, and addresses them alongside each point he makes along the way. Without fail, counter-arguments are handily dispatched. His points are underscored by fact-based evidence in clear and concise language, such that even if the reader disregards any emotional pressure that may come through Harris' words... if they honestly allow facts to stand as facts, there is no way not to agree with his conclusions.

    As profound as his aims appear to be, in truth Harris only sets his sights on proving to the masses that the quality of moral positions can be measured. He's not writing the prescription for the ideal way to live (though he will argue that such a way or equivalent selection of ways exist and are yet to be discovered), he's aiming to give us a toolbox by which we might start uncovering what those ideal ways are.

    Especially in this day of unparalleled ease of communication and access to information, this book deserves to spark a revolution.
  • ByTheSea - Trusted Security!Ok, everyone has an opinion, and everyone thinks their opinion is the right one but in reality it is up to you, the user, to find which product works best on your PC for you. I love Trend Micro because they are extensive like Norton but they don't conflict with Microsoft or run a lot of extra nonsense in the background bogging down my speed. I use this one on my laptop and desktop at home and have never had a problem. It stays up to date without me monitoring anything and stops viruses and malware in its tracks. It only slows my system down by a hair, but that extra security in this day in age is priceless! It has lots of extra goodies to clean, repair, protect, etc. If you need something more than just an antivirus, this is a great one to consider.

  • Anubis - REVIEW OF MOVIE ONLY. NOT BLURAYAs said in the title, I'm only reviewing the film itself and not the quality of the bluray edition. I watched this film on regular dvd. As far as the movie goes, without a doubt, it has become a favorite of mine! An imaginative and compelling storyline combined with great fight scenes has made this a must a see film. Whether you're a fan of Donnie Yen, Peter Chan, martial arts or early 1900's Chinese culture, I highly recommend this film! I hope you enjoy this film as much as me and my family has.
  • Stephen Kovac Jr. - An Excellent USB 3.0 Four Port HubI recently brought the 2013 New Model - kdLinks Super Speed USB 3.0 5Gbps 4 Ports Hub w/ Power Adapter (VIA VL812 Chipset - USB 2.0 compatible)for use on a Toshiba Qsmio X875-Q7380 laptop. The four port hub comes with a power adapter that must be plug into an electric outlet. The kdlinks four port USB 3.0 hub working great with three Buffalo Ministation portable drives plug into three of the four ports. The kdlinks four port USB 3.0 hub has been working without any problems since purchase. Anyone looking for a USB 3.0 hub should take a look at kdlinks USB 3.0 hubs. I would recommend the kdlinks USB 3.0 hubs to a friend. Highly recommended!