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  • Mrs. DL - Could not have wished for a better planner!First of all, I've been through over 50 planners since starting college 10 years ago. My needs have changed over time, and have essentially evolved into this planner.

    -The beginning has several pages about values, planning goals over the years etc. It's a good exercise for personal reflection and growth.
    -Weekly spread with hourly slots, a space to delegate tasks, a space for longer term projects and a space for general to do's. This is the most comprehensive spread a planner can have.
    -Great graphic design, simple and clean. For example, has the year long calendar at the beginning and end of the planner for current year and next year.
    -Organized notes pages at the back.

    -Would have benefitted from a pocket in the back so that I can stick a couple things in there.

    I recommend if you can see yourself using this type of spread. I love the hourly but I need the weekly spread as well, so it helps. It has added to my organizational skills by helping me to identify items to delegate and to think ahead at longer term projects.
    I hope this planner still exists 40 years from now as I will be getting one each year!
  • RVKsurflove - Amazingly helpful- but don't stop taking it too soon!This has helped me out so much! I was terrified when I first got BV. I was worried that after taking antibiotics that I would get a yeast infection. I decided to take RepHresh ProB. It cleared up all of my symptoms and I did not get a yeast infection.
    However, it is important to know that this should be taken long term. After taking the pills for one month, I thought I would be okay to stop. WRONG! The BV came back right away (horrible!). I went to the doctor for antibiotics and I started to use ProB again. Now I am fine but I will not stop taking ProB because I do not want to get BV. My plan is to take it every day for about 6 months and then take it every other day, then once a week or so. I am also taking the "super acidophilus complex" from Trader Joe's. I take ProB in the morning and the acidophilus at night. I also started using Dove unscented soap and unscented laundry detergent. So far this is working out great!
  • Wendy Jo - Fantastic for hardwoodsWe're in love with this vacuum! We've had it about 3 weeks and it's amazing. I could not believe how much is sucked up out of the rugs we have scattered about the house. In addition, it makes cleaning up the hardwoods a cinch. Frankly, this cleans so much better than my broom and dustpan that I use it to keep the floors swept for my 10 month old crawler! That boy will put ANYTHING in his mouth and this thing is fantastic and keeping crumbs and hairballs out of reach!

    I love the length of the cord, it can reach quite far. I love the attachments, however, I have not used the pet hair attachment so I cannot comment on it.

    My husband is "frugal" and was quite unhappy when I told him that we HAD to buy a new vacuum. Since we received this, he has been running the vacuum for me regularly as it is so light and navigable. If Papa is happy with this purchase, then ANYBODY would be happy! ;)
  • K Marion - this game is a really great gameThis game doesn't turn off when I play it. Unlike Madden NFL games, it turns off my Kindle Fire. It has actual active players. Anyone who says differently is wrong. This is a really great app from beginning to end. The people who gave this one star suck. They obviously don't know a good game when they see one. They should rethink their reviews and get a life.