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  • Lori Rehage - Best Product purchasedThe Tagg Pet Tracker is the BEST product I have purchased in a LONG time. My pet has a bad habit of somehow escaping from our privacy fenced back yard. She does have a collar with her name and contact information on it, but it once took 3 hours to have someone find her and call us. She has gotten out once since the Pet Tracker has been on her collar and the notifications led me straight to her within 5 minutes.
  • Steven P Jewett - Meets my expectation and then some!This is my first tablet and I love the mobility and portability of the unit. The picture is sharp for the movies I download and the dropbox app lets me use this for work docs too. I needed something that would allow me to edit word docs and it can. I find the keyboard easy to use too. I'm glad I bought this.
  • Jane E Ryder - Excellent!!I bought this heating pad for my 84 year old mother. She has arthritis in her upper back as well as some lower back pain. She absolutely loves this pad. It is long and wide enough to cover both areas at once. She uses it in her chair and takes a nap with it in place. She can use the timer to turn it off while she naps. It is super soft and comfortable and she uses it everyday.