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  • Shannon McKinney - Love WEN cleansing conditionersI am African American & have natural hair. It gets SOOO tangled & unruly. WEN really does detangle the moment I put it in my hair. Its like MAGIC. My hair tames instantly & I dont have to use large amounts. (my hair is very thick and several inches past my shoulders).
    In the Spring/Summer months, I use as a wash & go in the mornings & it curls my hair.
    Just need the travel size.
  • - I wish I had found this book 16 years ago.I've had UC for 16 years, and have taken a myriad of drugs which stopped the progression of the disease, but never made me feel normal again.I got this book one month before my most recent Gastroenterologist exam. After getting this book I started the diet EXACTLY as stated in the book. Within 2 1/2 weeks my Ulcerative Colitis symptoms were gone. I don't recommend this but, during week 3 I quit my meds and in week 4 I visited the doc. He said my UC was gone, which I already knew.It is unfortunate that so many doctors don't think that diet plays much of a role in Ulcerative Colitis or many other dieases for that matter. This book just shows you how to eat to cure your digestive system, and it works like no drug ever could. Thanks to this book I am medication free and in remission again.Thanks Elaine
  • Tony Serviente "Glass artist" - Street wiseObey the GPS. When in doubt do the same. I have come to rely on this dashboard tyrant to a degree that is startling and depressing. Should it direct me over a cliff, like the Lemmings of lore, over I would go. On the other hand this enslavement has its perks. I get to destinations in much faster times, use less gas, and see much more interesting routes. I can also go to strange and foreign places, like Cleveland, with no navigational anxiety. Garmin has done away with the ever popular "recalculating" mantra that Samantha used to intone, and while most folks are glad to see it gone, I miss it. A little passive aggressive attitude in a GPS is fine by me. Maps have been good for cross continent travel and only experienced a few places of GPS freak out, which are easily survived by a steady hand and deep breathing. Lane position option is OK, but not that useful. You will be assimilated.
  • Sandra J Hoover - This book changed my worldThis book literally did change my world. I was told by several doctors that I would never have a normal life again, that there was nothing to do apart from taking steroid drugs and eventually removing the colon. In desperation I looked for another way out. This book clearly laid out why it was happening and how to get back to normal. It states that if you follow the guidelines strictly, with no cheating whatsoever that you can get your health back and in some cases the condition will actually be cured forever. I found this to be absolutely true. For anyone who struggles with the pain and isolation of this disease, please get this book and follow it to the letter. I've now been symptom free for 2 years.