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  • Sarah Applegate - The Shark does what it says!I purchased the shark after a reccomendation from a family member. I had previously told that person that an inexpensive vacuum was "junk". I have been made to eat my words. My over priced rainbow was not picking up dog hair very effectively. In desperation I tried the shark. It is beyond belief - no pet hair on the rug after one swipe - it is gone! The machine is easy to move, easy to empty, easy to store. I now don't dread going over the rugs or floors on a daily basis to keep my shedding dog's hair in check. The price was great, delivery very prompt and it worked/preformed as promised. I'm a happy camper!
  • Mrs Pink - Love it.I love my kindle. I love how they organize the apps for you. Its very smooth, no hangups. Not the best to read on, its more of a tablet than an ereader. Too much glare. As android tablets go its great, you can't beat the price.
  • john phillips - Pleaure and painBeing a regular bloke who watches Football and does not like watching the WWWF l had never even considered getting rid of the hair down below, this was before l discovered l had somehow got infected with 100's of tiny new friends down there.
    Also being a regular bloke l never, ever read reviews which is why l own 2 ''Sunggies'' and one of those lights you attach to your forehead to help you read at night ( those things really, really hurt ).
    l thought about just shaving but my hands tend to shake when l get excited , plus had no idea how to deal with the wrinkly bits, l was so excited to find this product in the local chemists ( funnily enough it was a full stack of them, no-one else had seemed to buy one before.
    I got home and again being a normal bloke l smothered the whole tube over my bits.
    As others have mentioned, the first minute or so is actually very good, l felt very much how a nice hotdog must feel.
    Then it got hotter and hotter and even hotter, my 2 veg vanished for their own protection and ''Percy'' turned a almost beautiful shade of deep purple. The good thing was that my little friends got the heck out of there, some using Percy as a tiny ( by then ) gangplank, was very much like rats leaving a sinking ship.
    I cannot describe the pain l felt, the closest l can come is a huge toothache....but a hot toothache, that's if your tooth was floppy and you were drinking battery acid, it hurt so bad it made the time l at on a wasps nest seem trivial, the bad thing is now its gone l kinda miss it.
    Fear not my friends, l soon discovered that ''Dannon'' yogurt ( Peach if possible ) along with that squirty cream works great as a relief, though you keep having to put more on every 20 minutes or so, as a bonus it smells pretty nice as well.
    Wonderful product, removes hair and also gets rid of unwanted visitors. 5 stars from me and l will buy again