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  • Motor Head - Very Useful Information In One Book

    For any general aviation pilot who wants to make sure his aeronautical knowledge is current this is an extremely useful book containing both the FARs (the rules) and the AIM (explanations). The price is so modest that I can afford to replace it every year in order to ensure I have the latest regulations and explanations.

    Since a few years some of the illustrations are now in color (e.g. runway/taxiway markings) which very much enhances understanding and readability.

    All in all, a very useful publication that every general aviation pilot should own

  • Richard Ferguson - A Great Buy!

    I have found the Kindle Fire HD to be a great value with great performance. It is also a great choice for a first-time tablet user.

  • Julie A. Dawson "eFestival of Words Book Fair" - Like Goldilocks, I was looking for that "just right" fit

    I don't have a smart phone (my phone is pretty dumb). So my Kindle replaces a lot of the functionality a smartphone user has. I can check Twitter, Facebook, email, and play games on it. I don't like laptops. Most tablets are too expensive for what I want to do. The Kindle Fire is the perfect balance for me when it comes to replacing they functionality of those type of things. I still prefer my regular Kindle for reading, but I use my Fire for reading PDFs (I own a lot of roleplaying games in PDF formats with complicated layouts that don't convert nicely to mobi format), watching movies (mostly courtesy my Amazon Prime account), and as a virtual assistant when I am working on my computer and don't want to have to keep clicking back and forth between different tabs on my screen. I can have my research materials or reference sites up on my Kindle and continue to work normally on my computer.

  • Nickie S - The Pioneer Woman Creates Another Winner

    Love Ree Drummond. This is real food for real people. Of course with the weight watchers points you know you will consume with good home cooking, it is not something you will have everyday. The holiday recipes look fantastic and I know I will try many of them. I have made the restaurant salsa already and it is the best. I deal with family who don't like exotic ingredients or unique flavor combinations so this is perfect. The other great thing is that Ree uses ingredients that can be found in just about any grocery store. I also love all the stories and the photo to go with everything. Last but not least is that there are plenty of pictures for steps in a recipe so you can see what it should look like as you go. So this would make an excellent purchase for a novice in the kitchen too. Bottom line is that I adore this and Ree's other books as well!!!!!

  • meanjanine - Close to Perfect

    Definately the most quiet hair dryer I've owned, and I've owned alot. Not too heavy, good speed and heat control. Only thing I'd change is the "on-off" button of all things. It's located on the back of the dryer, not underneath like I'm used to. Instead of turning it off between "sections of hair" I leave it on, it drys my hair so fast anyway it doesn't overheat.