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  • WintertimeFun - It's strategy and your way of thinking, not just what you know.

    To tell you the truth, I personally couldn't bear to pick up another nursing book. I bought a couple NCLEX review books, but I only read this Kaplan book from cover to cover. If you did good in school and paid attention then you already know your stuff, so how much more could you get out of exhausting your brain to the point where you aren't retaining anything. This book is important not because it describes what you need to know like a lot of other review books. Instead it explains HOW TO THINK when answering a question. I highly recommend this book for that reason. It was clearly written in a casual reading style. If you have issues with testing anxiety, or are simply done with studying and still feel the need to further prepare yourself, then do yourself a favor and take a few days to read this book, you'll be very glad you did. I had 76 questions - this book made so many answers that obvious. Good luck to you, I hope you pass!!

    Update: This book has been passed on to three other nursing students who were successful on their first try with the minimum number of questions on the exam. The book is pretty sorry looking now but who knew it would need to be in hardcover lol!

  • P. A. Toliver - Great Tablet and Great Value!

    I had been looking for a tablet for a couple of months and saw a promotion on HSN for a "GREAT" deal on this tab for $399 with 5 easy payments. What a bargain...I thought. I showed it to my son and he told me to go to Amazon and there it was...the same tablet for $299! He said never buy anything before going to Amazon first...and I should have known as a regular shopper, but not for technology products.

    This tablet is great! I have internet access, download applications I love...Easy to use too!

  • The Philosopher - Phenomenal book.

    This is a fantastic book. I have read "The Game" and "Double Your Dating" and "Mystery Method" as well as some others on the topic of meeting and attracting women.

    Most are good and you will no doubt learn something, but this book is different. It teaches you all the finer points of traditional "game" (outter game), but more importantly it teaches you become the best you you can become. It changes your outlook and perspective completely and for the better. You will have an easy time reaching your highest levels of confidence with the guidance of this book.

    It's lengthy but it's hands down the best book on the subject I've yet to read. This book should be given to every man at the age of 16.