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  • Mac Richard - Simply Profound & Profoundly SimpleIt's difficult to describe an Andy Andrews book--as he says, it's like trying to "lasso a bumblebee." But it's incredibly easy to reap the benefits of having read Andy's books. They are simple stories, very well told. Yet, within these simple stories, Andy imparts profound, PRACTICAL wisdom that transcends careers, age, marital status, or any other demographics. Returning to his protagonist Jones, Andy immediately connects the reader through his genuine affection for Jones. It's that connection that allows the reader to accept some of Jones's counsel regardless of how close to home it often strikes.

    As good as THE NOTICER RETURNS is, it is equally good to give as a gift. It's one of those rare books that friends will be grateful you turned them on to.
  • midnight821 - Best Drawing Program AroundAutodesk Sketchbook Pro is known to just about every artist and designer for its ease of use and productive qualities. Sketchbook Pro 2011 continues that trend. It's great for professionals, amateurs, and just about anyone with an itch to draw. Some of the enhancements for this edition include layer enhancements, additional custom brush tools, new image editing capabilities, and a new tool bar.

    Past versions of the software have always been fairly smooth and used system resources efficiently and 2011 is just as smooth. Coming from a past user perspective, it was very simple to get used to the newest version. But even first time users will take command of the software very quickly. Just about any age and any experience will catch on quick. Installation was also quick and painless. While I have used past versions, this was a new install on a Windows 7 machine with 4 GB of memory. Like I said, installation was painless and performance of the software was top notch. Use of a tablet or a Tablet PC obviously makes the software much more beneficial, but not required.

    The toolbars are very intuitive and the user interface feels like an artist put it together, which is one of the reasons it is so easy to learn and use. Most of the program's features just feel natural. In no time at all, your brush strokes feel very natural. There are certainly other competitors in this market, but few of them make it so pleasingly simple to get started drawing. Combine that with an excellent price point and you have a true winner.
  • nks1024 - AMAZING! THANK YOU SWEAT BLOCK!My life has completely changed because of this product. I am a 24 yr old female and I have suffered from underarm Axillary Hyperhidrosis since I was 12. It does not smell, it is just wetness, espeically when its cold I tend to have cold sweats. I would have to base my wardrobe on whether my puddles would show (so basically a lot of black or clothes not constricting the arm pit region). I saw this on a whim on Walmarts shelf and thought well Ive tried everything else why not give this a shot. I put it on last night and wore a tight sweater today. I keep checking to look for the puddles AND THEY ARE NOT THERE! I am completely amazed. Ive been so embarrassed about this problem for years and finally I am able to wear what I want without worrying. I am going to re-apply this in 5 days not 7 according to reviews on here. It did burn/tingle slightly before bed but that is something you must expect when you try a product like this, however you fall asleep and it eventually goes away. Buy this product. I just want to say thanks because I feel like a new woman today.
  • Legal Lady BIC Pen Lover - At long last, the perfect pen for femal legal style!As a woman and a trial lawyer, I have been at a loss for many years as to how to pave a name for myself as a successful litigator. The practice of law, particularly complex litigation, has been and in many places in the United States continues to be a profession dominated by men. But that stereotype is changing as more women enter the the legal professional workforce. I am proud to know that BIC has been instrumental in the introduction of feminine senisitivities to the practice of law.

    For many years, I assumed I was destined for a life of signing my name in dark blue and black; for dressing only in black and gray skirt suits, nylons, closed-toe shoes, and conservative jewelry. But thanks to BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pens, I have the courage and blind mindless faith that signing my name in whimsical sparkly pastels will set me apart from the blue/black signers of the legal world and pave my way to a life-long, winning career. As I sit in the courtroom, in the far back corner as is my place, quietly and politely waiting for my male counterparts to invite me to speak, my mind wanders and I imagine the jury collectively ooh'ing and ah'ing as I whip out my BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pens in full view of everyone in the courtroom, with the knowledge that the mere sight of their naked, sparkling, springy ball points will sway the jury to find in favor of my client time and time again.

    Occasionally, I wonder if perhaps BIC would care to pontificate as to the orthopaedic and neurological differences between male and female hands that gives rise to its perception of a need for pens specifically designed for the female hand shape. But despite having handled multiple personal injury cases involving hand injuries to men and women, despite reviewinig countless x-rays and ultrasounds of hands, despite the seemingly countless unique shapes and sizes of all hands regardless of gender, I truly believe that there must be something unique in all women's hands because a company such as BIC would never create and market such a product based solely on assumptions.

    Thank you, BIC for making my career ***sparkle***