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  • Steev43230 "Steev43230" - Buy It - From AmazonThe cord is too short (only 36") and cannot be separated from the unit (which for me is a must-have for every small appliance, your mileage may vary). The item is of quality construction with a good user manual, but it is not immediately apparent how to turn the unit off (push pause/clear TWICE). Works great provided one reads the manual. Also note that the advertising implies that the entire surface will remain cool. This is not the case. The cooktop surface is in direct contact with the pan being heated, thus heat will transfer from the pan to the cooktop surface below it.

    Keep in mind also that the unit only allows temperature settings in 10-degree increments. The only exceptions are the various presets, which can allow you to select, for example, 375. If you really need 355 (for example), you're out out of luck - but if that was the case then you'd be using a different appliance anyway.

    Recommendation: Skip the infomercials and buy it from Amazon.
  • Frank de Cespedes - Must have book.Very good book to have just in case your out and have no access to a Doctor could save your life or some one else.
  • Niecy Love "Love Always Photography" - Easy downloadI don't typically write reviews but I found that a few users on here stated that this was a 30-day trial version. It is not! This gives you a subscription for one year. In order to avoid confusion on my computer I decided to delete the current version of Norton that I had then download this version that I just bought. However, if you look in your account, you will find that it gives you the product code key that you need to renew your current subscription. If you find that you have anything less than 365 days left on your subscription after downloading this version then you have done something wrong or simply missed a step.
  • Cloggie Downunder - delightfulBetween The Lines is a young adult novel co-written by Jodi Picoult and her daughter, Samantha Van Leer. Essentially, it is the story of a young Prince who is stuck in a fairy tale and desperate to stop repeating the same script every time someone reads the book, and the teenage reader who loves the book, hears and understands his plea, and vows to help him (he is pretty hot, after all!). As usual with a Picoult book, there are multiple narratives, in this case, three: the fairy tale itself and the voices of Prince Oliver and of Delilah, and each narrative is printed in a different colour and font. The fairy tale itself is filled with all the classic essentials for such a tale: a King and Queen, a clever and loyal Prince, a faithful dog, a handsome steed, an evil villain bent on revenge, a wizard, mermaids, trolls, pirates, a dragon, a kidnapped Princess, a quest, word puzzles and some bizarre implements to help the Prince save his Princess. Along the way, the dialogue between Delilah and her mother, Oliver and her best friend, Jules, includes some astute observances about being a teenager, what love is, growing up and friendship. The aspect of the life that characters lead when the reader closes the book reminded me of Jasper Fforde's marvellous Thursday Next series. I may not be a young adult, but I certainly enjoyed this novel.