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  • auntnancy - fresh herbs and lettuce

    I have never been able to grow anything. I have killed more plants than I care to mention. So, when I saw the care instructions for the Aerogarden I thought, "Even I can do this!" And I can. With next to no effort I have a healthy herb garden and even went out and bought an additional garden for lettuce. I live in a high rise apartment building making the aerogarden especially nice for someone with limited space and no land.

  • Mr. T. Candy - This product is amazing!

    Exposed skincare products are THE best treatment for acne that I have EVER found. I have suffered from acne in varying degrees since I was thirteen. I am now in my late thirties. A well-meaning doctor told me kindly as a young teenager, `Don't worry, you'll grow out of it.' You know what? I never did. The doctors put me on everything; every antibiotic known to man, so it seemed, was tried with varying results that never lasted long. Eventually I was put on Roaccutane - three times: and although there were improvements and the acne never came back as badly it still persisted to a lesser degree. After having put up with this skin problem for over two decades I had had enough. I knew someone; somewhere must have found something that works. I was right.

    I am a hypnotherapist and so I am used to doing things that are off the beaten path. I can tell you I was immediately impressed by the Exposed skincare website; it was highly professional and very informative - its product range was totally different from anything else, using science, herbs and even utilising probiotics to help treat acne (I had discovered that the health of the human gut and acne were linked before). I soon had very high expectations of these products and they were not let down - they were surpassed. What these products will give you is hope and confidence. Hope that you have found something that ACTUALLY works and the benefits are cumulative, so the acne gets better the more you use the products. You will have confidence that your skin can and will be clear again. My skin is so healthy now it is unbelievable, the improvements started by the next morning, within days my skin was noticeably clearer, within a week it was almost blemish free. Although now and again the odd small flare up occurs, using the products they were controlled and eliminated within days - this stuff destroys acne without harming you.

    I have experienced no side effects and my skin is now after many months use incredibly healthy looking. An old friend of mine said that my complexion now `glowed'. After years of acne I never thought anyone would say that to me. One of the worst things about acne is the way it attacks your self-image and self-confidence. These products restored mine. I hope they will do the same for you. I would advise anyone to give them a go and see how they work for them. I will go so far as to say that Exposed products are a revolution in acne treatments and I know because I tried `em all! The things is don't make Exposed your last chance make it your first choice in acne treatment. You will be amazed and so will everyone you know and those you don't. I can honestly say that using Exposed products was one of the best decisions I ever made.

  • Laura Longcore - It really works

    The book is very interesting and the diet really works. I have enjoyed the variety of the 3 phases. Most importantly its a plan that has you eating healthier and an approach where you don't feel deprived. It does take awhile to figure out what food is on each phase - but one you get it down it's easy and it works!

  • Book Lover - Brave and Eye-Opening.

    As a youth, there were three things Wesley Hill was sure of: that Jesus Christ was his savior; that he (Hill) was gay and that homosexual behavior was wrong according to Scripture. The book deals with his attempts to incorporate these three facts in his life. Those on the left may scoff at his adherence to celibacy; those on the right may insist that he could become heterosexual if he went through therapy. Hill's decision has made his journey pretty lonely and his obedience to Christ very costly and he has written very openly and bravely about his loneliness and and his battles against same-sex temptations -- and also why he believes as he does. Even though I am straight, I could relate to a lot of the book, especially his discussion of praying to God desperately for some wish to be fulfilled that He in His wisdom is apparently determined to withhold. The one thing I was curious about is that Hill talks about praying often to change his orientation but appears to have not gone to any of those "reparative therapists". Neither does it appear that he went a psychologist for a professional visit, though he mentions various pastors and other counselors he talked to. I wonder if he would have benefited from psychological help in either direction -- and whether he will feel the same about celibacy at, say age 40. Either way, I applaud him for writing this book and look forward to reading other things from him.

  • W. J. Smith - The War for Souls delivers on its promise.

    The Mayan calendar places the end of the current age, and perhaps of the world, on 21 December 2012, the Winter Solstice, when we supposedly align with the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Whitley Strieber's novel 2012 The War for Souls portrays this date as a sort of cosmic Samhain, when the veils that normally separate parallel universes and parallel worlds become thin and permeable, and the people and circumstances of one world can enter another.

    2012 posits three parallel earths (although there may be others): one that is our own, one that is very much like it but somewhat fairer, and one that is very foul indeed. As 21 December approaches, the gentler earth is rocked by catastrophic events that had their origin thousands of years before, the last time the worlds came together. One man in this world has the key to unlocking the secret that may save it from the ravening hunger of the dark earth, and his fate is tied to his counterpart in our world. The prize sought is nothing less than the soul of every person on earth--and that of the world itself.

    The novel draws from the deep wells of mythology that surround the ancient Maya, Atlantis, Egypt, and the sacred sites that have existed since the end of the last Ice Age, as well as the fields of quantum physics, psychology, and theology. Can souls be eaten like junk food? Is there a science of the soul? And if so, does anyone--or did anyone--know it?

    Strieber takes the reader through fascination, through terror, to despair, and finally dangles hope. It seems that that Devil is real, and he is us; that every wicked and anti-human twist that has shaped our history is the work of a reptilian humanity that is us but is not us, yet penetrates our culture at every level.

    Yet nothing is quite as it seems. Not even Ann Coulter, and she shows up too.

    This book is worth a read and a re-read. It is disturbing, and provoking, and fun.