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  • EECinEP - Great travel chair!we LOVE this chair and get compliments on it everytime we take it anywhere with us. it is so nice to take as a backup in case where you're going does not have high chairs, and it's easy to carry. we also use this in our home attached to our island and it provides a place for our son to sit and be in the kitchen with us. definitely money well spent!
  • KK - Excellent tool for studentsThe Top 300 cards are an excellent learning tool, especially for entry level pharmacy ( and medical students). Other data bases may be a bit overwhelming. The Top 300 cards provide a concise and organized synopsis of the basics. Also, the picture is very helpful for students to visualize the product which is extremely helpful in the learning process.
  • G. Nolan "Get out there!" - Special OpsWell I have fallen udderly in love with this milk but alas have gone broke saving money on the purchase of my beloved milk from Tuscanny.
    Since I can no longer afford this milk I feel inclined to build a Special Operations Force to steal the beloved cow of Tuscanny. Now I know what your thinking. Any one in the past that has ventured into the sacred air space of the Tuscans has been slaughtered without question. What they did not know is that if you drink a full gallon of Tuscan milk precisely 5 minutes before entering into the Tuscan air space you pass through as a Tuscan.
    I am looking for those with the special qualifications and skills to pull of this covert action against the Tuscans's. If you have toppled outhouses by the full moons light, tipped cattle, and observed the blue lights you have what it takes. Please feel free to contact me.
  • JBMissouri - Great all around phoneIt is similar to an older model I had which is why I purchased this and hoping it indeed was the same; it is. The phone sound is clear. The intercom system we use often by naming each phone saves steps by not having to go up and down the stairs or outside. Just having the clip on the phone for carrying around is a plus when outside. My driveway is 3/10 of a mile long and the phone still works from the base. The number of calls that can be blocked is great. I've read other reviews about how difficult the phone can be due to all the features. It is not difficult. The manual is very clear.