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    Robert Coleman Atkins (1930-2003; he died as a result of head trauma from a fall on ice---although he DID have cardiac arrest in 2002) was an American physician and cardiologist. A line of products bearing his name is available, although the company filed for bankruptcy in 2005, and was bought and continued by another company. He revised this 1972 book as Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution.

    He begins by saying, "I've treated ten thousand patients for overweight... They have all lost weight without counting calories, without diet pills, and most without feeling a pang of hunger... this diet ISN'T 'balanced.' It is deliberately UNBALANCED. The reason---to counteract the metabolic imbalance that causes people to get fat in the first place... In this diet we first cut out carbohydrates ALTOGETHER, then keep them cut way down permanently... This is a no-hunger diet... I don't believe that losing weight is a simple matter of counting calories and of just operating the body on a calorie deficit." (Pg. 2-3)

    He contends, "We're the victim of 'carbohydrate poisoning.'... What causes that? Mainly, sugar... virtually a sugar addiction... The no-hunger RX for overweight: cut carbohydrates, not calories... Removing carbohydrates from the diet is the most permanently effective treatment for overweight... because when you take away carbohydrates you take away hunger." (Pg. 5-6)

    He argues, "Unlearn what you've heard about ketones first. When a person is putting out ketones in the breath or urine he is said to be 'in ketosis.' Now for a carbohydrate-intolerant Mr. Fat to be in ketosis deliberately is a signal for rejoicing. It is a sign that unwanted fat is being burned up as fuel." (Pg. 12) He admits that "with ketosis you have bad breath." (Pg. 274)

    More controversially, he states, "You can eat without limit solid 'fattening' food. On this diet you're allowed to eat truly luxurious foods without limit---for example, lobster with butter sauce, steak with Bearnaise sauce, and... rich-tasting cheeseburgers, or even better, BACON cheeseburgers... As long as you don't take in carbohydrates, you can eat any amount of this 'fattening' food and it won't put a single ounce of fat on you." (Pg. 15) He later adds, "just 'eating less' and calorie counting is a trap. It keeps you fat... I'm not the first doctor to dispute the calorie theory by any means." (Pg. 83)

  • BJ - Worth every cent!

    Several years ago I had a bout of alternating BV and yeast infections, all due to pH imbalance. It took me almost a year of different meds from the doctor to get back in balance. A few months ago when I started having issues again, I knew I did not want to go through months of misery so I did some research and came across these. Within a few days everything was back to normal and I've had no issues since! A small price to pay to make sure everything is healthy and happy!

    UPDATE 06/03/13:

    I have found it does not pay to try a cheaper alternative. Things were going well, but I didn't want to stop taking something completely in case it came back, so I switched to a much cheaper homeopathic brand that also was in a "probiotic base". What a mistake!!! I'm right back where I started 6 months ago! So now I have to undergo treatment, and you can bet I'm switching right back to this. I would much rather spend money to prevent than to suffer and try to cure.

  • A.J. Cox "Angel" - Wow!! Insane! But wow!

    Entering the world of uber rich ALPHA men that get what they want in every sexual way..control freaks aren't necessarily my thing, but if it has a good story that can pull you in then it's a hit in my book!! This is the story of gabe and mia- Mia is a young twenty four yr. Old sister of Jace, Whom is one of three men whom own their own company together..the other two guys are Ash & Gabe. There's like a Thirteen yr difference between Gabe an Mia, she had always had a crush on him an little did she know He felt the same, but O.M.G.!!! When their world's collide and they get involved that's where it gets interesting, I was like ohhh no--Ohhh don't do it!! Gabe would NEVER be my type of book boyfriend but this story is so good an so bad and it really pulled me In!!