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  • LAT... - Logical, elegant relief for chronic pain

    8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back by Esther Gokhale offers techniques to lengthen the spine and alleviate pain by mindfully considering the way we stand, sit, recline, etc. The title is somewhat misleading-- there is a lot more to this book than addressing pain in one area of the body. Gokhale does for movement and posture what Dr. Weston A. Price did for nutrition--- she studies traditional societies in order to discern what fosters health. The book is also gorgeous-- she has photos of children and athletes and workers in elegant motion, as well as examples from fine art to show the beauty inherent in efficient movement. It is intelligently written and thoughtful.

    The book offers 8 lessons to re-educate the body on "stretchsitting," "stacksitting," "stretchlying" etc. You can learn it yourself. My kids are doing so. She also has a website which includes a free workshop ( You can take the course in person also.

    I have been seeking a solution for my chronic knee dysfunction due to an injury, and for friends in their 40's and 50's who have hip or knee replacements scheduled-- or had surgery already. I no longer wake with back, shoulder or knee pain, no longer have tingling in my arms and hands, and the knee is tracking much better. The two people I have shared this with have diminished neck pain, and improved foot and ankle functioning, which is helping to rectify severe bunions and chronic pain. This is preliminary information but still encouraging.

  • Serena "S." - Cheaper than buying a new laptop!!

    After doing much research, reading a lot of reviews both here and on the Microsoft website I decided to take the plunge and download the upgrade, at a much cheaper price of $40 bucks. Even though I was wary of the massive amount of negative reviews, honestly I'm so glad I decided to make the change! My laptop, about 6 years old, is a Sony Vaio running "Vista" and was a nightmare to deal with. If I could avoid having to even go near my laptop I would, for days, even weeks on end. Startup took about 5 minutes (I finally timed it before upgrading), and everything ran so slow.

    This upgrade has given my laptop a whole new life! I don't get why people were so angry, and upset over not having a windows toolbar/start menu. Isn't that the main reason a computer would freeze anyways? Glad to have the clunky look gone, and this modern layout. I'm a minimalist so I deleted a lot of the pre-set tiles, only have what I need so there is less clutter. All of my files are still here, did not lose any photos/music/files at all! And in desktop mode, everything is still in its original place, so if you are feeling nostalgic to look at the old Windows view you still can.

    As far as the whole "adjusting" timeframe, took me less than 20 minutes. It's like pretending your laptop is a tablet or smartphone, which is awesome. Thanks Microsoft, you just saved me from having to buy a new laptop!! If you are on the fence and tired of your slow Vista running laptop I say go for it, you will be glad you did!

  • Andrew - Great read and insight

    I bought the book offline (could have saved money buying it here). Enjoyable read, well thought out, and interesting. I highly recommend it. There are a few things on the reviews that are not completely true. He does not blame the IPO for the culture change. He argues the IPO is a result of the drift. Someone wrote the book adds nothing to the debate. He shows how and why the culture drifted. I never read a book about a bank or the crisis that did that. Bill Cohan's book is a great historical description. But Mandis' book is an analysis. Smith's letter accuses the CEO for making the culture toxic. Mandis disproves this statement in his book. The CEO and trading culture are a result of the changes. In the book he also gives alternative reasons why Goldman may have done better on a relative basis versus its peers and why clients still use the firm.

  • D. M. Troth - Well Organized Book

    I'm a section hiker of the AT. I recently met a thru hiker on the trail who was using this guide. It has a nice way of graphically showing the elevations. It also shows the mileages for the next 3 shelters from each shelter showing both northbound and southbound. It shows all the parking places along the trail. That is particularly good info for us section hikers. I've had trouble finding that info in other AT guides. It has schematics of most of the towns close to the trail highlighting the eating and lodging places. It even has info on some of the people who offer shuttle service along the trail. I'm very pleased with my purchase.