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  • Joanieck - Lower back problems - try all the flex products!I have had a bad back for years. Tried everything - physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and finally surgery. Nothing worked long term. I noticed the best modality for me has been the tens unit my therapists have used on me. At least it felt great while doing and and I had lasting results. Of course, you can't just stop using it or your condition goes back to what it was and maybe worse. I knew the technology of the flex belt is pretty much the same as the tens unit. I have purchased all of their products ( Flex belt, flex min and the flex arm) The belt and the mini (butt thigh lifter) are the best for me. The belt is strengthening my core to the point where it allows me to work out harder when I do crunches and any other core type exercise - it has really helped me build up my ab muscles. I could have never gotten to the point I am now without it. As for the mini thigh lifter, it feels amazing on my back area - just like the tens unit at the therapist. I love that I can use it whenever I want and get the benefits from it immediately. It has been a lifesaver for me and I could not imagine spending the money on co-pays for the rest of my life, and worse limit myself to the amount of therapy my insurance company allows for the year. I would have to pay out of pocket to continue with the tens unit. Economically this made perfect sense to me. If you are looking for weight management - I feel this helps with that also. It was not my intention but I have lost inches on my stomach for sure -not so much on my thigh area as of yet but I am sure (for me) it is because that is more difficult to do. I had much less fat on my stomach area to begin with. I do feel that my legs are noticeable stronger - I do not have much trouble running up stairs and walking longer distances like before. Like I said. I have been throw the mill with my back problems and after my surgery - which resulted in a staph infection that left me laying in bed for 3 months. My muscles atrophied a bit and I had a hard time getting back into a routine that consisted of exercising. This has made the difference to get me back on the road to good health. I highly recommend for anyone with limited mobility such as myself, as well as anyone else who needs that extra push!
  • kourosh keikhanzadeh "blib" - If it weren't for rogaine, I'd be bald 10yrs agoI love Rogaine. I have been using it since I was in late college (I am 35 now). I totally expected to be bald by now.

    When I stop using rogaine I notice that in the shower i see hair on my hands. With rogaine that rarely happens.

    If your maternal side has hair issues, you should use rogain and early on.

    Note: I am not a physician. Check with your physician first about medical issues etc. Rogaine was used as a high blood pressure medication so make sure it is okay for you
  • Aurelia - I learned so much!I am living in Europe so some of the stuff I can't use here or buy here but I love this book and she taught me SO much I never knew and am ashamed that I didn't. I praise this book to everyone and tell them to buy it. You will learn so many things that are important for your health. If more people were aware of the chemicals in our food and products they might understand the link between that and some of their ailments or allergies etc. If you want to learn about living "clean" then you must buy this book.