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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 48917 Lansing, Michigan

  • R. Lawrence "Super Nerd" - Recommended!

    Good price for a great product. The apps for the PS4 are much snappier than the PS3 and moving between apps is improved as well. I like that I can keep the system in standby mode for quick access and that the PS4 will charge the controller in that state as well. The only down side is that nobody on my friends list has a PS4, so it isn't as much fun to wreak havok online. Such is the life of an early adopter though!

  • Camper-Alex - Best $200 I ever spent on electronics

    My Kindle Fire exceeds my expectations for an e-reader and 7” tablet. Not only can I read my favorite books and magazines, but I can check my email, play a multitude of games and browse the web. This is more of a tablet computer than an e-reader. Using Amazon Silk really speeds up web browsing (compared to my son’s tablet) AND no need for anti-virus protection. I would purchase the Amazon Prime with this not only for the Fire for free two-day shipping of other Amazon orders. After the introduction of the Fire, other manufacturers were scrambling to produce a product with similar features and beat the price (The Nexus 16GB is about the closest).

  • angela - make sure you buy it from amazon.. not a seller on amazon.

    i think for a lot of the people that this didnt work for, they bought through another seller that they found on amazon. make sure you buy it from amazon..which is still buying it from pearson, in case you didnt notice! :)
    the code worked perfectly for me & i was a little scared that it might not cause once i got fooled into buying a used code, but i made a good purchase! through the mymathlab website, access costs 83 dollars.. on amazon with one day shipping $73.99. I just had a baby & even a couple of bucks makes a difference!