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  • Fitness Dancer Mommy of Two "Work from home w... - Inspiring story from a beautiful you womanThis is an inspiring story. In the end, you are left with realizing the importance of gratitude. Elizabeth Smart survived some absolutely horrific situations from an incredibly evil man and woman, and yet she did not allow it to steal her life. She has remained grateful for all the wonderful things that have happened to her in the other months of her life. Even during those horrific 9 months, she has found plenty to be grateful for.

    She is a survivor, and she never gave up on her faith. It is beautiful to read this story of love and hope and family. This is a must read book! My hope for Elizabeth and her family is that they all continue to be happy and life beautiful lives.
  • Gilteresa - "A Concubine for the Family" by Amy Kwei`A Concubine for the Family'
    by Amy Kwei

    I have recently finished reading this book which is a novel (no pun meant) way to write a family history. It is a good read indeed. Can you judge a book by its cover? Not always. But the colourful cover in this case caught my eye and I did send away for this book because of its intriguing title and the promise of a good story.

    When I first opened the book I laughed out loud at the author's statement that she would certainly not be giving her husband a concubine for his birthday as her Grandma, Purple Jade, had done. I found the description of Purple Jade's life in Hangzhou in the early 30's fascinating , the details of family life with servants and sumptuous meals and the explanation of domestic architecture including the courtyards and gardens, the background of Purple Jade's everyday life with her husband Righteous Virtue and daughters. Golden Bell and Silver Bell. (I loved the imaginative Chinese names of Ms. Kwei's forebears.)

    Because the writing was so vivid I suffered with Purple Jade because of her painful deformed feet, especially when she tried to walk. When she was only three years old her toes had been broken and her feet were bound and pushed into what was then considered to be a feminine shape.

    There are vivid descriptions of an opium den, of Chinese food and of Chinese medicine and terrible accounts of the Japanese invasions of Shanghai and surrounds. There are tragic outcomes for the family during this time involving, among others, Glorious Dragon, the daring brother of Purple Jade. The details of life under the Japanese reminded me of the great fear of Japan felt by my parents and other Australians during World War II.

    Although the novel ends with the family again fleeing, this time from Hong Kong, there is a story of hope too as Purple Jade becomes all the time more sought after as an expert in treating patients with Chinese remedies.

    One finishes the story wondering which of the daughters of Purple Jade and Righteous Virtue, Golden Bell or Silver Bell, was the author's mother.

    As I have already said, `Concubine' is a very good read, a wonderful book.
  • CTrimble - Kaplan NCLEX ReviewThis was probably one of my favorite NCLEX study materials. The beginning spends an great deal of time going over the different kinds of questions that you may see on the test and how to approach each one. It gives a good idea of what you may see on the test and how to avoid being "tricked". There are also a lot of questions in this book, followed by a practice test. I definitely recommend this book to those getting ready to take their NCLEX.
  • Bill "reader_from_metro_Atlanta" - Don't Miss This Magical Montreaux EveningWow. Again wow ! Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Santana and fellow artists for a magical evening, a musical and rhythmic feast, a true rock music Tour de Force of guitars, multiple percussionists and vocalists, bass, horns, and organ.

    This concert shows Carlos Santana seasoned and shaped by so many years as a creative artist and popular musician on a spiritual journey that you will feel in your heart, your gut, and in your dancing feet that will not be able to keep still. Mr. Santana's musical prowess, his grace, beauty, and humility are felt throughout the performance with his extremely talented and tightly knit band.

    The set list covers Santana's entire career back to the enduring beauty of Woodstock Days, and includes tributes to other greats, such as BB King, John Coltrane (A Love Supreme) and Cream - Clapton, Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker (Sunshine of Your Love). The alchemy of Susan Tedeschi and Derek Truck's contribution in "Make Somebody Happy" was a nugget of emotional, spiritual, musical gold.

    This is a performance delving into so many musical dimensions with dynamic, ever changing rhythms and energy that build to an oh-so-satisfying climactic conclusion. There are so many layers to be experienced in this concert for those of us that missed that evening at Montreaux, this wonderfully produced and edited HD DVD is a treasure well worth its price. Bless you Santana & Company, and thank you for blessing us with your art and this performance.
  • L. S. Cox - Taking Off Lie-Tinted GlassesMany Christian self-help authors write a paragraph of popular wisdom, attach a Bible verse, suggest an application and repeat the cycle. DeMoss is much more studied and thorough. She writes from an overall Biblical worldview on the nature of mankind and our purpose on earth, as well as from a thorough understanding of the innumerable issues and pitfalls that face the average woman on a day-to-day basis. Her experience of years of discipling and counseling women bring richness and depth to this body of wisdom for women who have been caught up in the most subtle and deadliest lies spit out by our contemporary culture and the enemy of all who bear the image of God.