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  • Shoshana Razel Gordon Guedalia - testimonial to the triumph of hope at the very core of our humanity"The Road," a chilling post-apocalyptic novel by Cormac McCarthy, is set in the backdrop of a world rendered ash, much as one might imagine Sodom post destruction. This moving saga reverberates with shadows of Holocaust narratives, of individuals, in hiding, in the woods, ever seeking food and shelter, ever on the move, no one place deemed safe for long, needing to trust even while being wary of others, determined to survive in the face of the unthinkable. It is a testimonial to the triumph of hope at the very core of our humanity. Through the enduring love of father and son, drawn in vague, universal, descriptives, as, "The Boy," and "The Man," the perseverance of the human spirit is tested in their journey south, seeking the promise of warmth. Can the torch be carried and passed on? Can "the fire" prevail? Can the spark of the human soul survive unto the next generation who will carry it forward, hope intact? Or is Man doomed, in such a reality, to become transfixed upon horror, trapped in rearward gaze, much as biblical Lot's wife was rendered salt, the distillation of her tears, a cenotaph to loss, to horror, preserved in salt, where nothing may ever grow again?

    One of the most powerful books I have ever read.
  • Sylvia Croft - Great Book!What would you do if you found yourself in a situation where no doctor was available? This is a clearly written and well illustrated book that could help you figure out what is going on and what you can do about it.
  • john white "john" - Great ProductIt sound really good for it size. Good bass to ( Not as deep as a sub Woofer-- to small) I ran the battery all the way down, it took 3 hrs 20min to charge fully. On playback with the volume fairly loud the battery lasted 5hrs 58min. One complaint: when it arrive the Shipping box ( not the a33 box ) box was kind of beat up, almost open. Also the charger cord was not in it box, but it was wrap up neat. Everything look new. Never seen anything this small sound so good. The Bluetooth does good with my iphone 4s.
  • Monty - Best tablet of its sizeOkay so I got this as a Christmas present and I fell in love with it the sec I seen it, it fit in my hand perfectly and it is vary lightweight. It is supper fast wish I could of gotten the 3G or 4g on but oh well and it is vary durable I left int in my car when going snowboarding in -10 deegres F and when I was done and got back to the car I was afraid it wouldn't work because I had a 3rd gen iPod touch and the scene stopped working because of the cold and yeah then this summer I when down to southern Texas in left it in the car again in 118 degree weather and when I go back that heat warning was on and I waited 15 min and then it worked fine. I have dropped it once or twice from like 3 feet off the ground and nothin has happen but yet 3 feet isn't a lot but I am not just going to drop 10 ft off the ground to see and Siri is amazing they can make her better by letting her have convstations with the user but otherwise amazing it is way better than voice control. I would recommend this to anybody who need simple technology. Because me dad is a computer geek and he hates apple product because he said it is technology for dummies haha but yeah I like it a lot so I would say great for teens and young adults.
  • Silver Stars - "Beautifully Designed"This 25th Anniversary (Silver) Caucasian doll is boxed with a wintry scene. Barbie's full gown is silver to mark the anniversary and has a festive snow-flake pattern appropriate to the winter theme of love and joy. Barbie is totally formal from head to toe and absolutely gorgeous. She is a stunning addition to any girl's Barbie doll collection. Barbie comes with a clear plastic display stand.