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  • manchu - Excellent features!This phone setup is great! The intercom feature is a major plus, and the unwanted caller blocking feature is surely sent from heaven! The only thing I have to say negative about this phone is about the talking caller id and message system. The voice pronunciation is so pathetic that it doesn't even sound like English. Other than that, this phone setup does everything short of coming to you when called!
  • Susan Patterson - As PromisedProduct on recurring order. Came as promised, priced as promised. Way below current drug store price. Align is the probiotic my doctor wants me to take and it works just great.
  • Wayfinder - Totally fraudulent reviewsAfter reading these reviews I was very excited as I placed my order. But after three weeks of wearing this shirt, I still cannot fly, have no mystical power over women and my muscles didn't grow at all.

    I am starting to think most of these reviews are bogus and posted as some kind of joke. But just to make sure, I'm going to wear it one more week without washing it and see if it attracts women as claimed.
  • Laura J. Watson "LJW" - GREAT PRODUCT!For the price, this is a wonderful machine! I use this product for green smoothies, and it does a good job, there is some small pulp with it, but for the money, I cannot complain. If you want a product that does not have pulp then pay $400.00 for the vitamix or blendtec. I personally love the nutribullet bc the clean up is a cinch. I rinse under hot water and its clean. You cannot go wrong with this product!! It a great 1st machine for smoothy making.