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  • Dave Mc. - Everything you expect it to beThe SodaStream is really great; my wife and are thrilled to have "bubbly water" whenever we want, it's like we're getting away with something we shouldn't! It's the little things that really matter, as they say. This works as promised, no problems. Might seem a little intimidating on the initial setup, but once you've done it once you're a pro. CO2 bottles last a long time, but do get a second one because they do run out without any warning. We've found a local supplier for refills and keep a ready spare, that way you can take your time to replace the empty.
  • Matt "Matt" - NO BRAINER for USMLEMust have for the USMLE, great tool to study by as you progress through medical school. You will need a bit more if you are looking to do more than average, but this is a MUST for your foundation.
    Amended: At this point if I were starting medical school over I would get the 2012 version, it is color pictures are integrated to the subjects, and it is better organized than prior editions. I would add my own notes as key info as I went through school, as it is laking a bit of detail. This would make it a priceless text.
  • Gail 'Mrs. C' "G Collins" - Soda on the goHi all, thanks for reading my review. I am a mom of 2 and like things the easy way! This is! Easy for all to use and bring anywhere. Refill taste pretty good and are available at all Walmarts and other stores so they're easy to find. The only problem I have is the black base, where the bottle sits on when filling falls out, a lot, but that's minor. There are a lot of choices to have and recipes on the internet so there's no getting bored!
  • Carrie Boedeker- "school social worker" - great workoutA friend gave me the pirated copies of these videos and they were starting to wear down, so I asked for them as a gift. I do like all of the P90X workouts (P90Xplus and P90X2) and find they get results. Once you've done the videos as recommended it's fun to pick and choose a combination of P90X, P90Xplus, and P90X2 and come up with your own weekly workout. They aren't for beginners or someone who isn't dedicated to working out and sticking with a program.