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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Jim Jagielski - Alabaster perfection!Some may call this product simply "milk", but that is a woeful and shameful label to place upon this intoxicating beverage. This elixer must have been gently drawn from the teat of an angel by trained unicorns. I actually poured some on my Rice Krispies and instead of hearing "Snap", "Crackle" and "Pop" I was instead treated to a vocal arrangement of Handel's Messiah.

    Yes, you only get a gallon's worth for your $45, but a little goes a long way. You will find that a simple 1 fl oz portion is enough to sooth the soul and mend broken bones. Some people also carry a thimble-full to ward off demons and angry trolls. But a word of warning: ensure that the container is placed in its own refrigerator. It does not tolerate the presence of lesser liquids well, and has been know to banish them to Helheim.
  • Carol "Carol" - ExcellentThis is a great source of "food" for my mom who has trouble swallowing anything that is not pureed. We add some of her prescribed tablets after it been crushed and she gets it down with no problem of getting the pill stuck in her throat.
  • jonjess "RK" - Excellent!Love my new Kindle, it gives me the freedom to take my books anywhere and read anywhere. It's always in my purse because if I have to wait somewhere I pull it out and read. Easy to use, easy to read, easy to hold. Love it! Also, kudos to Kindle support team. My first Kindle, after 2 weeks, stopped connecting to the Whispernet. I ended up eventually having to send it back and get a new one (at no cost to me). The person I dealt with told me when he would get back to me on resolution of the problem and actually did without me having to do any followup or bugging. Thank you.
  • M. Ennis "yaicha" - It really works!This is a great product. I got a puppy last summer and she was covered in fleas. I didn't want to use harmful chemicals on her and so sprayed her bedding, my furniture and etc with this stuff. It kills fleas instantly on contact. I did also spray my puppy - not as much as the directions said- and she maybe licked it off as she vomited. But I am not 100% certain it was from the spray. So after that, I just sprayed it on the flea comb and combed her- that was enough to finish off the last of the fleas. The scent (clove) is not bad, and it dissipates quickly. Plus it is just clove and peppermint oil- so I do not mind spraying it on my furniture and bedding. We are flea free!! This product is awesome. It works!!! and is safe on puppies and kittens 8 weeks and older.
  • Dave Donohue "Dave Donohue" - Puts the "star" in the Death StarLook, I'm just your average working Joe, y'know? Sure, sure, I've got the Grand Moff title these days - in fact, ever since Emperor Palpatine took over, a lot of Imperial military careers have been on the uptick - but at the end of the day, I take orders just like anybody else. In my case, I take them from this creepy old guy in a robe who looks ugly and harmless but can shoot blue lightning from his hands at you if you make him mad.

    So let me tell you about how the Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable totally saved my bacon. I was commanding a moon-sized space station called the Death Star, and while we let people believe that it wasn't quite ready, the boss man was insisting that I get it fully operational in time for some "ceremony". There was NO way that I could have gotten this thing's secret weapon - a really, really cool green superlaser that can totally blow up planets - to work without the Denon cable. We just didn't have any technology that could send the pure digital power required to make a bunch of smaller laser beams converge in a cone shape into one giant beam. Luckily, Amazon delivered ours just in the nick of time.

    Just minutes after installing the cable, my boss' enforcer, a seven-foot, mouth-breathing, half-man-half machine named Darth Vader, shows up at my office with two stormtroopers and a rebel princess with a weird haircut and some strategically placed electrical tape on under her robe. I'd recently signed an order terminating her life. This lady immediately starts in on me - telling me I'm holding Vader's leash, that I've got a foul stench - all kinds of stuff. As luck would have it, the station was orbiting Princess Mouthy's home planet of Alderaan, and after some back-and-forth about the location of rebel bases (she eventually named Dantooine, wherever that is), I made the call to blow up Alderaan anyway, just to be a jerk. A few pulled levers and some laser magic later, and poof! No more home planet for Princess Talks Too Much.

    I tried to order another one to use on an unshielded thermal exhaust port in the Death Star. It suffers from the adverse effects from vibration as well as jitter and ripple. The combination of fluoropolymer material and superior heat resistance, weather resistance, and anti-aging properties is just what we need to solve the station's sole weakness. Unfortunately, Emperor Cheapskate negged the purchase, saying one $500 cable is enough. Too bad, because if anyone ever flew a bunch of X-wings through that port, we'd be in big trouble. But hey, what are the chances of that?