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  • erin "pablo's books" - if you eat out .... get it!i bought the inglesia fast table chair after reading another manhattan mom's review... we eat out often enough as a family that we needed something for our little guy. he's not quite sitting up on his own, but this has a tight belt to fit around his waist that helps keep him upright. the chair is fully collapsible if you unbutton the side snaps. we put the chair in a canvas travel bag for our own convenience. it very east to tighten the bar to make the chair very sturdy (you can spin the grey part ). i never give reviews - but this chair is totally worth it!!
  • Virginia Socwell - Use for disabledWe purchased it for a person with disabilities and are having some issues with his touch, but the tablet is great.
  • Bargainfairy - great tabletI looked and researched for a long time before deciding on the Tab 2. For my, searching the Internet, Facebook and the occasional photo, this suits me just fine. I also purchased a "for dummies" book to help me learn the finer points. I'm still in the learning curve but I was able to operate the tablet immediately. (And being 65, I don't have the skills of younger users) While I love the portability,this is a w i-fi only device!
  • Brian A. Schar - It just worksThis product is the size of a large cell phone, which is still smaller than a paperback book. It comes with a single cord. Plug the cord into this drive, plug the other end of the cord into a USB port on your computer, and it's connected. No screwy control panel, no invitations to buy software you don't want - just a drive you drag and drop files into. This Seagate drive is the way technology should be - it just works. Highly recommended; a great option for a backup drive that you can just plug in, use, then stick in a drawer or closet out of the way.
  • J. Mueller "Burrito Jones" - Lord of the Impossible to PleaseReally not understanding the hate out there. Would I prefer the game have an offline mode? Yes. Do I wish the servers didn't have the problems they had in the first few days of launch? Absolutely. Has that stopped me from playing and enjoying the game on a near daily basis since launch? No.

    The game is beautiful. The story, voice acting and cinematics are all solid. It runs smoothly on my machine and has crashed a grand total of zero times. But most importantly: I've had an immense amount of fun with it. Despite having beaten the game plenty of times, I keep coming back. The later difficulties offer plenty of challenge for those of us venturing beyond a casual gamer's commitment, while still giving me a simple joy of causing untold mayhem and destruction among the legions of Hell. I got exactly what I asked for out of this game.

    It seems the generation that grew up playing its predecessor have set Diablo 3 up to fail by setting the bar entirely too high and forgetting about all the complaints that were tied to Diablo 2's first months.

    And I would wager a very large percentage of these 1-star reviews are coming from players who still play the game daily, despite how 'awful' it is.