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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 18501 Scranton, Pennsylvania

  • Poncella F. Hatcherson - Great purchase for a little price what a dealI placed my order on April 3rd online and received package via mail on April 8th. It didn't take long at all to load the protection on my desktop computer. I am happy that I spent under $10 with shipping included to get updated protection for my computer. My machine had began in the last few weeks to give me problems loading pages stating my computer was at risk even though it had McAfee protection I purchased the computer new less than 2 years ago. I typically always search on amazon for my bargins they provide the same products for a fraction of the cost thanks again.
  • Jaime Cryer - Ted Dekker - KissGreat book. I work in the medical field so I always enjoy anything with a medical twist. Surprise ending and great story. Loved it...
  • Joseph L. Showaker - Baseball fan necessityArrived quickly and in great condition. This book is a must have for any baseball fan. Contains the yearly records and statistics for all of the baseball players currently active. It's small compact size makes it easy to take to the ball game and look up the players as they come to bat. I also use it at home.
  • Wendy Jo - Fantastic for hardwoodsWe're in love with this vacuum! We've had it about 3 weeks and it's amazing. I could not believe how much is sucked up out of the rugs we have scattered about the house. In addition, it makes cleaning up the hardwoods a cinch. Frankly, this cleans so much better than my broom and dustpan that I use it to keep the floors swept for my 10 month old crawler! That boy will put ANYTHING in his mouth and this thing is fantastic and keeping crumbs and hairballs out of reach!

    I love the length of the cord, it can reach quite far. I love the attachments, however, I have not used the pet hair attachment so I cannot comment on it.

    My husband is "frugal" and was quite unhappy when I told him that we HAD to buy a new vacuum. Since we received this, he has been running the vacuum for me regularly as it is so light and navigable. If Papa is happy with this purchase, then ANYBODY would be happy! ;)
  • matthew - a must haveif you don't have this album you are missing one of pink floyd's best. the wall is number one with animals tied for second with wish you were here. the reason i can't get this one out of my stereo is the song "dogs". this is one of the greatest lead guitar songs of all time! after an exciting solo that leads into another verse the upbeat driving tempo switches to a more relaxed "half time" beat to begin the instrumental section of "dogs". that is when it .... happens. two harmonized guitars bending a melody together that, along with a trance-like bed of keyboards, create what i describe as a sweeping vision of far away sadness. like reaching for something and shunning it at the same time, this dual solo (with a third guitar answering the phrase) is the highlight of the album. it is one of the great guitar moments in rock. along with the middle lead work in "peace of mind" by boston, it remains a moment of yearning where i wish the guitar was one of the instruments i play. that being said, david gilmour follows with possibly his best lyrical lead of all time. the following track "pigs" is great to sing along to. "sheep" isn't my favorite but is still a good finale. i'm so glad to have this album and "dogs" will always be one of my top floyd songs. also, check out les claypool's fearless flying frog brigade. their second live album is 45 minutes of them covering the entire animals disc! the frog brigade pays homage to floyd's masterpiece almost note for note!