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  • cmlfitness - Great product, great customer service experienceI started with this product because obviously I wanted to loose weight. When I started, I was asked if I was interested in becoming a promoter of the product. At that time, I kindly declined. I felt that I first had to try the product and see for myself how I liked it. And I took different avenues to try not only the product but also the customer service department since that's another area that I read a lot of negative reviews about. So, here is my experience.
    1. The works.. no its not a magic drink that will automatically shed the pounds while you sit there and continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle. What the product does is make you more aware of your calorie intake while still giving you energy to become more active.
    2. The Gas.. I don't know why but it did start out that way... But I took it as my body adjusting, and as I continued with the shakes... The gas went away.
    3. Customer Service... I also started the vita pak. When I received my first shipment, one of the gel pills in some of the packs had busted. I am assuming from the dessert heat. I called customer service and the friendly rep took down my information and in two days my new box was at my house. I didn't even have to return the busted pills. I was just told to discard them.
    4. "Its a scam because the people that give the reviews are promoters"... Customers turn into promoters for different reasons... But bottom line is that the promoters believe in the product... The company believes in if you can see a real person using it and changing right before your very own eyes... Then it is very hard to question it... That's why they have the refer 3 get your next product FREE....
    5. Summary, get on the challenge for yourself, if you don't like it, stop...if you like the results, then stick with it...and hey tell your friends about it cause I am sure they will notice the weight loss.... And you can get your next order for free!
    Order it through Amazon if you want to, but then you are not getting the additional benefits of having the support system and a chance to join in the Project 10 challenge. So someone had a bad experience with customer service... Then talk to the next person ... Who hasn't has bad service at any given company at some point.
    Try it out for yourself!
  • Virginia Socwell - Use for disabledWe purchased it for a person with disabilities and are having some issues with his touch, but the tablet is great.
  • R&L-Mom - Some improvement.I had been using the 2009 version, whicth I did like. Bought the new program to load onto a new computer with Windows 8. I'm on a learning curve for Windows 8 and this newfangled QuickBooks, but I'm liking it. Others gave some less than rosy reviews but so far I'm really liking this. I do the books for a business, and this makes finding certain things easier (like how to change the look of your invoices). All the old version's convenience, but has the new look that fits today's computer operating systems. One complaint -- you can't change the display look in any adequate way. Interface in registers is hard on the eyes because of small font on bright background. Color scheme changes only work for frame edges, not inside the register itself, so no help there. Want to change the font size in the display? Well, too bad -- can't do that without changing your screen resolution in Windows (which means the change is universal and not unique to QB). Disappointed with these issues.... Maybe an free update will address the issue (I hope).
  • Mary Naughton "Book lover" - My People!Alice Mc Dermott and I come from the same place and the same people, so familiarity abounds in all her novels. I wish I could write as well as she does! This is a slim novel full of the truths of human life. In short: Alice Mc Dermott tells the story, through the eyes of her protagonist, Marie, of an ordinary life in an extraordinary way. The characters; Pegeen, Gabe, (especially Gabe), Walter, all of them, are unforgettable.
  • grampalectronics - GOOD MILK FROM COWSTo be called Tuscan milk should be from Tuscany, but this from New York cows, so it have a slight Bronx accent to the taste. This is very good milk but it does not having the chocolatizing flavor which make milk taste the most good. In my country we having chocolate in everything. The chocolate sauce on the smoked salmon is best in world.