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  • The Book Collector "Sulaco" - Please do not believe the minions of the Chinese Communist Party!!!I recently read and finished this book after hearing an interview with the author on NPR. I was touched more than anything by one thing she said. She said (and I paraphrase) that many young people in the US want to start their own business or become entrepreneurs because of the wrong reasons, including wanting to make more money or not wanting to work under someone else. She said both of these were the wrong reasons to start your own business venture and that one of the reasons that one should start one's own business is to create value.

    This answer alone is worth far more than five stars. I immediately bought this book and read it in one go. Thereafter I was stunned to see all the negative reviews of this book on Amazon the controversy fueled by these reviews which claims some inaccuracies on the Author's part. These inaccuracies have been explained away by the Author in an article in the Huffington Post.

    However, on closer scrutiny you will realize that these "reviewers" are nothing more than the minions of the communist party of China who have been asked to flood this website with negative reviews. I urge one and all to not believe these minions and read the book and decide for themselves. Additionally, people could also hear her interview on NPR and read her article on the Huffinton Post.

    P.S.:- I think the article "The Persecution of Ping Fu" by "Harold Evans" on "The Daily Beast" is a must read too, just to get a better idea of how these so called "reviewers" operate. They are there too mind you, and have posted the same replies which each one of them has been asked to post by their "Supervisors".
  • M43 - This stuff works!Hello Ladies! I just wanted to start off saying that Pro-B really does work. This is my 5th day on it. I was unsure about trying it at first but after reading many successful reviews I decided to give it a shot. I started having recurring yeast infections this past February. I did not start thinking or worrying to much about it until it was so constant that I decided to do something. My doctor really couldn't help me any, so I did my research on the internet and found that this a is a common problem with other women. After reading a bit I realized "why" I began to have recurring yeast infections. When my college semester started for me in January, I began taking my prescription drug for A.D.D. "Adderall". Well the cool thing about Adderall is that it does not make you want to eat, so I did not eat and when I did want to eat the only thing that sounded good to me was candy. Candy helped with the calories but did not help with nutrients. In my long road of research I found out that we have good and bad yeast and bacteria in the lower parts of our bodies. When your immune system gets compromised, a unbalance of that yeast and bacteria tends to happen, resulting in a yeast infection or BV but usually yeast. There is a good chance if your immune system has been compromised that you have ridden all the good yeast and bacteria or have every few left. Having little to none will cause the bad yeast to over grow and keep giving you yeast infections. What you are doing when taking Pro-B is restoring that good yeast and bacteria into your body.

    I noticed that people were complaining that Pro-B was not working for them or giving them side effects. When you introduce this good yeast and bacteria into your body the bad yeast and bacteria is going to get upset, because both good and bad will start to have a war to fight for their place. This can cause you to feel worse, sick like. Diarrhea is most common. Do not fret over feeling worse it is the bad yeast trying to get you to stop doing what you're doing, just stick it out and you will be fine after a couple days. Another thing that the bad yeast LOVES in sugar.. Going back to my story, remember when I said the only thing i would eat was candy.. Well my sugar craving was just feeding the bad yeast and I was feeding nothing to my good yeast causing it to die most likely. I am paying for it now though. I do like taking pro-b, but it is a little pricey for a college students budget every month. I found out that by doing a special no yeast diet for a while will most likely correct this unbalance, so i won't have to take pro-b anymore. You can google No Yeast Diets and you will get a lot of good information on what to eat and not eat. I have been on this diet for about 3 days now and as bad as it sucks and as terrible as I feel I know that it is only temporary and I am going to get my body back to the way it used to be. My symptoms are tiredness, light headed, diarrhea ( yesterday), gas (farts), and nausea. Oh and cravings for sugar are normal, again that is the bad yeast saying FEED ME... FEED ME.. :)

    I decided to take pro-B for three month and do this diet for the first month and see where I am at. If not the average for this special no yeast diet is 2-3 months. I was just treated for BV and a yeast infection July 2nd and ended my BV pills 7 days later july 9th, so I figured I killed a lot of the bad yeast on the antibiotic. Which when my symptoms went away, I ate candy and I got a yeast infection again instantly. PSHH! Thats when I bought pro-b and started taking it and by the next day my burning was already gone. I did not use any yeast infection creams might i add for this past yeast infection. Pro-b corrected it all on its own. Amazing RIGHT?!?

    I hope I helped someone out there in the WORLD! I know it is always nice to have straight forward information handed to you because a lot of doctors are unaware of some of these things. Always do your research. Thanks for listening.