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  • J. Beach - My Psoriasis is 99% gone.

    I started to follow the diet in this book in October, 2003 and I just recently went to Florida on vacation and wore shorts for the first time in years.

    I had tried every cream and UV treatment available. My dermatologist said the only thing I could do now was to try the oral medications. I chose not to go down that route because of the risk involved in pregnancy. After having my first child my psoriasis spread from just my calves and elbows to my back and head. With much frustration I began searching the Internet for anything that would help. I found this book on a website and order the book from Amazon after reading it from cover to cover I started the diet. After 6 months the only remaining area with psoriasis is the lower part of my legs and that is nearly gone.

    The book was easy to read and the instructions are very clear. If you are frustrated with all the treatments your dermatologist has prescribed try this and you will be satisified. It is not easy and it will take a while before you see the results but believe me my before and after pictures are as dramatic as those in the book. I only followed the diet, drank the tea and took baths in epsom salt, I did not follow the other regimens in the book but these three worked for me. Oh and I lost 54lbs along with my psoriasis.

  • BrokebackPongPaddle - Aplogoy for zombie hoard

    First off I would like to apologize for unleashing the zombie hoard upon the Tampa Bay area. I'm currently writing this confession from a cave on an island in the bay. I don't expect to last much longer, so I wanted to make sure this apology was sent.

    I'll attempt to convey the entire story before the hungry zombies find me and devour my brain.

    It all started when I wanted to surprise my wife with a nice picnic in a park. The first thing I did was to order some things from the Amazon online supermarket, since I prefer to spend several hundred dollars on shipping then having to trudge all the way down the street to the local Publix supermarket. My order, of course, included Tuscan Whole Milk 128 FL Oz. I thought I would need it's Viagra like qualities that my wife has come to appreciate, and at the same time fear.

    The UPS man delivered the goods and was kind enough to allow them to bake in the sun on my front porch. Nothing says I love you more then some chunky Tuscan Milk 128 FL Oz and sun baked bananas.

    So the next week I took my wife to the local park with the nice stone tables for holding things like the magical milk. However, I never could understand why the tables were so thin, but they were donated as they had the donors names carved into them. I would soon learn that these were not tables at all! If I live I'm going to sue that park!

    So we get to the park and I begin by laying down a blanket by one of the stone tables, and firing up the ole boom box. The next thing was to lay out the bounty of food that I had received from a month earlier. I knew it was going to be delicious by it's fragrant bouquet and strong presence.

    This is where things turned horribly, horribly wrong. As I was pouring the Tuscan Whole Milk 128 FL Oz, I sneezed and several drops of this elixir dropped on to the pile of dirt next to me. Within seconds a zombie burst forth from the ground and he immediately took the milk from me and drank the rest.

    When I started to run he chased me and the milk was falling from his exposed ribs, seeping into the ground. It wasn't long before zombies were shooting up from the ground!!!! What idiot buried people in the park. Since then the zombie hoard has been growing and are now immune to Tuscan Whole Milk 128 FL Oz (which was a known zombie killer in the past). Again, I'm sorry for what I have done.

  • Stacey - Fantasic Product!

    This product really works. After having difficulties conceiving and staying pregnant a friend gave me Fertilaid and after five week of taking it I got pregnant and stayed pregnant. My little girl is now two and a half.Once again we have been on the same uneventful path ttc baby number two, so once again we turned to Fertilaid. In a little under three months this time we finally have got a positive result, baby number two will arrive mid 2013. If we ever decide to try for a third child I will certainly be using Fertilaid again. Thanks for a great product.

  • Joseph H. Lemieux "JoePCGuy" - Very Helpful Book...

    I have never taken a Spanish coarse but have learned other languages at an elementary level (French & German). This book is very helpful with introductions and greetings, common phrases, and excels into the Spanish language that could teach anyone to practice with Spanish speaking people. The accompanying CD was added to my iPod tracks to help me retain the sounds of the language and practice with my friends.