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  • Anthony Barr "Archymandrite Incognito" - Magic and Mysticism

    I've been with Finale since last century! Recently I had a commision requiring I use Sibelius 6 and found it so clunky, primitive and slow and awkward that I finished the entire project in Finale then imported it into Sibelius. Too bad Sib doesn't export with the same ease. Finale is my second soul-mate, one of the greatest revelations in my professional life as composer, engraver, recording artist/producer.

  • rjj - Align Probiotic

    Have had digestive issues most of my life since turning lactose intolerant in my thirties. Now at age 60 I have been taking Align for about 4 weeks and have noticed a significant improvement in my digestive health. Had tried other probiotics that didn't work. The pill is more expensive but worth it. Don't like the taste of it.

  • Larry Porter - Excellent Book - Historical rather than religious.

    Excellent book. It provides a historical background for the political, economic, religious and social events of the time. It adds lots of other layers to the narrative of Jesus' life that is not clearly covered in the Bible. It's much more of a historical look at the times than any provided by religious doctrine.

  • CQueen - Incisive prose puts you on the battlefield

    Many wonder how this book compares to Killer Angels: it's much better. Killer Angels has only precedence. It's been some years since I read it but I found it somewhat dull and the characterizations unconvincing. Cain has no such flaws at the senior officer level although for the rank and file, one might find the sketches a bit more broad.

    As a long time reader of military history in general and civil war history in particular, this novel does an outstanding job of putting you in the shoes of privates, lieutenants and generals.

    The Gore is heavy in places but it is true to the reality. If you wonder what it was like to fight at Gettysburg, this is a great place to start.