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  • jwlee13 "jwlee13" - HAPPY KINDLE OWNER !!The Kindle was a Christmas present from my husband. None of the reviews I've read mentioned the feature I like the most -- the text to speech option. The computer generated voice is not a problem for me and love the fact I can absorb a book while cooking, getting dressed, etc. Amazon apparently found a way around concerns re the audio right, which is derivative under copyright law.
  • Amalfi Coast Girl - Very informative book, worth a try for relief from GI issuesLike many people I suffered from intermittent intestinal problems for many years. I purchased this book over a decade ago trying to determine what was wrong since the doctors could not pinpoint the problem. This book is very informative and gives the reader another option for moderating the problem without meds or surgery.

    The book is laid out as follows:

    1. Past and Present
    2. Scientific Evidence Relating to Diet
    3. Intestinal Microbes: The Unseen World
    4. Breaking the Vicious Cycle
    5. Carbohydrate Digestion
    6. Beyond Gluten
    7. The Brain Connection
    8. Introducing the Diet
    9. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet
    10. Recipe Section

    This book is geared primarily to people with Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Celiac Disease (not cured by gluten-free diet), Cystic Fibrosis, Diverticulitis and Chronic Diarrhea.

    The prescription is what the author calls a "Specific Carbohydrate Diet". This diet excludes carbohydrates other than fruits, honey, properly prepared yogurt, vegetables and nuts. However, this diet is relaxed in some ways once diarrhea has cleared.

    The author offered a couple sample daily menus and gives specific lists of allowed and non-allowed foods. Approximately 100 pages of the book are devoted to recipes. Since the recipes are gluten free they are good for people watching their carbohydrates. Please note that they are not carbohydrate free since this diet does advocate honey and yogurt. This book does have bread recipes, which are made with nut flours. The cheese bread made with almond meal is surprisingly tasty. There is also a pumpkin cookie with nut flour that is nice, and reasonably low in carbohydrates since the recipe only includes 3/4 cup of honey for 4-dozen cookies.

    This plan relieved some of my intestinal disturbances. However, I was eventually able to determine that animal products were my problem not carbohydrates. Not exactly the answer that I was hoping for, but at least I found relief. If this plan doesn't work for you consider "Eat to Live" by Dr. Fuhrman. After years of trying every diet variation to find the answer to my GI problems that is ultimately the one that offered 100% relief for me. I will be the first one to admit that the "Specific Carbohydrate Diet" tasted better which is why I tried it first.
  • Free Speech Lover "Free Speech Lover" - Perfect For My NeedsNo, I'm not a "her." But I have a problem -- and this pen solved it.

    See, I write for a living, and as a hobby. I've been told that I'm too aggressive, brusque, and judgmental in my writing, and that I am not good at fostering client relationships or encouraging staff.

    My secretary gave me one of these pens. Now my memoranda and letters are nurturing, supportive, and empathetic. Also I have landed three new clients in the cleaning-product and personal hygiene industries. I want to thank BIC for their insight into gender issues. They are really wonderful. So wonderful. I feel like . . . okay I need a minute here.
  • luckypseudonym - Three Wolf Moon ShirtOk, I am going to try to write this without crying. I do not know if I will make it, so please bear with me! The spiritual feeling I received from Mother Earth when I put this shirt on my unworthy back was incredible, earth-shattering, enlightening! Aaaaaah, here I go, the tear ducts are overflowing!! You just cannot express adequately in words the power of this clothing - nay, not clothing - I was not a woman when I put this shirt on. I was a wolf! It transformed me, made me one with nature, gave my voice the power it needed to HOWL, I TELL YOU! The gutteral ferocity that came forth from my vocal chords was sheer power! Please, for the love of all things natural and spiritual, purchase this. It will rekindle you.
  • Linda Gray - Couldn't put the book downI am giving this book as a gift to my daughter. When I picked it up and browsed through the pages, I couldn't put it down. I have read the whole book. Now my daughter needs to read it. This is going to help her understand my grandson better.
    I also had her download "The Guide" from website for my grandson.