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  • M. Stockford - A new approach to building strong relationshipsA well-written, slyly humorous book that recommends an entirely unconventional approach to atrengthening intimate relationships. Although the book's suggestion to achieve sexual satisfaction by avoiding instead of pursuing orgasm is in opposition to the daily messages we receive in American culture, the author, Marnia Robinson, makes a compelling case -- via both psychological and scientific arguments -- to give it a try. The book is definitely worth a try too.
  • Janice Williams - First one was a giftThis product was sent to me as a gift from my cousin, it was almost out and I decided to reorder it, and to my surprise it was sold by Amazon, I love it , would not replace it, asked my doctor if it was okay to take, he agreed , so I'm in for the long hall. Would recommend to anyone needing a little push.
  • Fredhead - Bowflex SelectTech 552 standJust another success in a continuous stream of products ordered from Amazon, my preferred retailer. The time, traffic and dealing with people required to go to the store? Forget about it. Amazon is my "go to" move for any retail purchase. Price, speed and reliability are Amazon's trademark qualities.