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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 74103 Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • almosthappy - Good space for the price, fast operationI'm currently using this drive for backup of a Windows 7 notebook as well as storage for additional music and video files that I don't need to keep on my hard drive. The backup software (Dashboard) that Seagate provides works well and seems to catalog all of my documents properly. The speed is also good. The drive starts up quickly and loads/copies files more quickly than other external drives I have used. The main benefit of this drive, though, is the price point, which is very reasonable for 3TB of storage. Overall, this is well worth the price if you need the space.
  • tiger - Great ProductI am now using my tablet more than my computer. I love the convenience and charge time. I had debated whether to get an Apple I Pad or Samsung but I decided on Samsung because I am more familiar with their products. I am not extremely computer literate but I am able to figure out most of the things I am interested in doing. Amazon is great on their delivery service but I cannot say much for UPS which leaves items in my driveway and not on the front porch. I am amaze I haven't had anything stolen yet.
  • "huxley_b2" - A terrific edition to any libraryI want to commend Ms. Karon for her wonderful books. Like so many others I have read and collected many series, but the At Home In Mitford series surpasses them all. The writing is so captivating that you find yourself wrapped up in the story without even realizing it. I know that I personally found myself longing for a more peaceful, simpler, small town existence. I began to long for a place where the people "take care of their own". I have recommended this series to everyone who will stay still long enough to listen. It is just excellent.