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  • Annette - one for my momThis is my second one of these pans, this one was for my mom. We now both love these pans. Has anybody reseasoned their pan sooner then it states to season? My husband uses this pan every day and just wondered if anybody else has reseasoned before the six month is up as stated in the instructions.
  • Susan Patterson - As PromisedProduct on recurring order. Came as promised, priced as promised. Way below current drug store price. Align is the probiotic my doctor wants me to take and it works just great.
  • Cheri Beda - Awesome latte!I love my new Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte! I have toiled over the decision to buy a kurig machine for the easy 1 cup expereince but could never bring myself to do so because of the high cost overall. My 4 cup maker broke after several moves and too much hard water, and my espresso machine's carafe broke in a move so it was time for something new!

    This machine is so awsome! It makes great tasting latte and tea latte. It is easy to make something comparable to a coffee shop. You add all of the ingredients to the pot and the coffee or tea to the top. It froths the milk while the coffee/tea brews. It is mixed and delicious when done.

    There are a couple of things to note: No part of this is diswasher safe so it is a hand wash as the electronics are in the pot and lid. If you want your latte hot you should use the froth/heat function first then use the latte function. If you use the latte function withreally cold milk you will get a cool latte which is great if you are adding ice. This machine uses 4 cup filters and is easy to clean up. I recommend Cafe Bustillo for the espresso as it is finely ground and make a robust flavor. I use regular bargain brand chai tea bags for the tea and it is wonderful. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy one step coffee maker without the high cost of the k-cups.
  • Shaun Wright - The moral asskickingShort and sweet, typical eloquent Sam Harris, always original, thought provoking, puts his philosophy of morality in full view for all to take their shot, and characteristically embarresses those who try and fail, the guy is my hero,
    p.s. as though he hadnt taken enough from religion he has pulled the rug of morality well and truly from under them
  • Margot - Why I love QuickBooksI have been using QuickBooks for more than 10 years. My CPA has been
    delighted. Before that I created a DOS program that was very cumbersome.

    Now I can go to any item, vendor or account with ease and pull up the
    information I need.

    Thank you QuickBooks for MAC