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Country: Europe, AT, Austria

  • CHRISTOPHER J HENDERSON - Very detailed trail guideI really like the AT Guide 2012. It offers detailed trail markings and waypoints and good descriptions. It is a very important tool for anyone planning a hike on the AT. There are maps, usually for navigating through towns, but I wish that there were maps of each page of the guide. Of course, that would make the book twice as thick and twice as expensive.
  • eroz - Really Love It.I have had my Asus Transformer Prime for about a month, and love it so far. I bought a SanDisk 32Gb mini SDHC card to give me 64GB total, and also purchased the TF 201 Mobile Docking Station, which is really helpful when you have to do a lot of typing, plus it gives you the view of the entire 10" screen instead of losing half of it for the virtual keyboard. I have downloaded tons of books through the Kindle, and Olivetree apps, that work very well. I bought my wife an Apple IPad 32GB Tablet for Christmas, so I have been able to play with both, and I like my Asus the best. However, there are two things that her IPad does better:
    1)more apps, which doesn't bother me because I have been able to find everthing that I need in the Android market, the one app that I am waiting for (WordsearchBible 10) is suppose to be available by the summer).
    2)the Ipad speaker blows the Asus speaker away-- again this is no biggie for me. The Asus speaker is adequate and I bought the Altec Lansing Orbit mini speaker that plugs into the headphone jack and delivers unbelievable sound-- great for traveling.
    That said, I still prefer the Asus Prime, with a mini sd slot and more flexibility than the more proprietary Apple. The full size keyboard and USB slot of the docking station, which also has an eight hour battery (in addition to the battery in the tablet itself). And the Asus Transformer Prime has the first quad core processor.
    I highly reccomend this tablet.
  • jelst - Tax ProfessionalI have seen many Tax Law and Tax Prep books in the few years that I have been doing Tax returns for a large franchise and I find this book to be the best informative tax text their is. I am a senior in college and have used this text for both of my tax courses. It is not a text that teaches you to do tax returns but it is extremely thorough regarding tax law. The first step is not to learn how to prepare tax returns but to understand tax law, this text was designed with this understanding. Compared to most tax texts, it is the most "comprehensive" and understandable translation of the tax code.