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  • Pen Name - Ann Coulter is both smart and funny!What makes Ann's book so enjoyable to read is the way she mixes facts with humor. I can certainly understand why the hard-core left hates her so much! Deep down, I'm sure her critics dearly wish they had an Ann Coulter on their side instead of relaying instead on Janeane Garafalo and/or the Dixie Chicks. Ann has a sense of humor so very lacking among her critics. This book is an excellent read! By the way, have you noticed how most of the libs who attack Ann for her appearance never talk about Mrs. Clinton or Janet Reno's appearance? There's a clear and obvious reason for this. Let's just leave it at that.
  • TOPAZ1100 - great little bookI used it all the time in 1st semester of nursing school and I use it now in 2nd along with the fact that it's so little I also take it to clinical. I see other people taking their huge drug books to clinical and this one is sooo convenient and has good drug info in it.