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  • Whitney - Best Dating Advice I've Gotten In Years!I saw Matthew Hussey on the recent show "Ready For Love" and my first thought on seeing a male matchmaker was that he must be some kind of pickup artist... About a minute after actually seeing him on screen I was stunned by the things he was saying- how insightful he was, the quality of advice he was giving the girls, ways to think of relationships I hadn't thought of before...

    I got the sample of the book, mowed through it, then bought the actual copy and began watching the videos that go along with it. Matthew Hussey is simply brilliant! I can't say I've had a lot of luck dating before reading this, but since staring it a few days ago I already find myself having more conversations with men and thinking about interactions differently. I keep telling people they have to read this- it's really mindblowing. Where I live there's still a pretty strict mindset of "let the guy do all the chasing" and I found myself being chased by men I wasn't interested in and blaming it on the dating game. Thanks to Matthew's advice and ideas in the book I'm taking charge now, and I can't wait to see where this goes! I'm going to finish reading it, tell more people, and follow his advice... I can get the man I want by actually going and looking for him, and thinking about what I'm doing and why in new ways. Can't say thanks enough!
  • thatjeepguy - I'm commenting from this device now!This thing is so amazing that if it could have babies, I would have babies with it. I'm not even joking. Best tablet ever. I have no complaints whatsoever.
  • Helena Burke - Eye-OpenerThis is an eye opening book and gives me a whole new view on food. This is NOT a diet but rather teaches you to learn and understand which foods work for your body, and which foods don't. It is a 20 day program that can extend as long as you want and teaches you to test foods to learn what you have a reaction to. I had terrible eczema on my hands and my dermatologist had no idea what caused it or how to cure it. I stumbled upon this book while searching for "natural remedies for eczema".......only to learn that it was a food I was eating that caused my unbearable eczema. By Day 3 on this program, all the eczeam was gone. One Day 4 we tested chocolate and voila.....the eczema returned. Chocolate was causing my health problems! I am over the moon overjoyed that I cleared up my eczema and can have a normal life now. I am on Day 9 now and continue to test new foods and so far all is good I have lost over 7 pounds, eczema is gone, I feel like a million bucks, and am excited to continue with this plan. Even if you opt not to follow the plan, the book itself is so interesting and explains so much about how and why we feel the way we do after we eat certain foods and why some people react differently to certain foods. Our bodies change as we age (as much as we hate to admkit that) and this book explains how and why is such simple and easy to understand terms and teaches you to be able to focus on the foods that work for YOU and not the foods that society says are good for you. I think everyone should read this!
  • Elizabeth A. Smith "e" - Best product for sensitive, problem skinI am surprised by the make-up artist who left the review in which it was emphasized that a strict regimen is necessary in order to enjoy the benefits of Bare Escentuals. This I have found to be absolutely not true.

    Also, and I do think this is relevant, as many people who are interested in this product have problem skin, I personally have not found that washing, ex foliating, or moisturizing ever helped to truly resolve any problems. If anything, when I have used this product in conjunction with others, I have broken out and/or experienced redness, itchiness and peeling. Those people who have naturally healthy, happy skin can probably pile on the products with no ill effects, but for those of us with more sensitive skin, as commercially tempting as it is, that sort of regimen can be disastrous!

    I have sensitive, acne prone, pale, combination skin. Although I finally learned how to control my acne, I still suffered from breakouts, redness, patchiness, enlarged pores, and an oily t-zone. I personally have noticed that the less I do to my skin, the better. With Bare Escentuals as my only product, my skin is actually crystal clear 95% of the time- with or without the makeup.

    Before bed, I wash my skin with nothing other then luke warm water. If necessary, I remove mascara with burts bees orange face wash. Usually, though, I pick make-up that removes easily. I never scrub, rub, or ex foliate. Then in the morning, I apply bare Escentuals with a brush. (Its very important to clean your brush once every few weeks!) This is all I ever do to my skin, and I have to say, it looks smooth and unmarked with or without make-up! Other foundations make me break out, itch, and seemingly caused my skin to produce more oil. Concealers didn't blend well, didn't last, and aggravated my blemishes. This stuff, however, works so well!! And I have found that if i don't wash, scrub, or slap on products, my skin actually produces less oil and balances out! My skin is beautiful and glowing!

    Now, don't get me wrong, this won't fix all of your problems with your skin- but if you use a million products on your face, I guarantee that it will improve if you use nothing other then this make-up for a few weeks. Personally, I fixed 95% of my skin problems- after 9 years of trying!- with internal approaches. This stuff takes care of the other 5% without setting me back.

    One of the best things about this stuff is that it is naturally antibacterial, and seems to accelerate healing when I have a blemish. I also swear my pores are smaller but this could also be from washing less. Regardless, you can use it to increase your confidence level without jeopardizing the health of your skin.

    Lastly, I think this makeup is definitely full coverage, especially if applied regularly. If I have a blemish, I spot cover with a small brush, and then use my larger brush to apply all-over foundation to my entire face. Its easy, quick, and very effective- and it lasts all day! Definitely my favorite!
  • Beth E. Settje - Honest View of Higher EducationAs a parent of a high school student as well as a college educator myself, I was highly intrigued by the title and premise of this book. It is one of the most compelling higher education books I have ever read, and I have read many. Its contents are similar to those found in master's level text books on higher education, yet it is written in a way that is interesting to all, regardless of one's profession. I found the language easy to understand as well as provocative.

    Though I don't agree with all of Selingo's ideas, such as MOOCs and other online type learning as a solid answer to our higher education crisis, I do appreciate the thought and research he put into the subject. The bottom line is that college does cost too much. Students are arriving underprepared and many are graduating that way as well, some with debt that exceeds their career interests. One's major does not determine a career for most professions; the ability to write well and think critically will carry students further than a specific major. However, students have to know how to pick a college that will help them discover and enhance their talents, to guide them to make strong decisions, to prepare them for life as an adult. This book will help those looking at college be more pragmatic and realistic when choosing a school. Students need to ask hard questions about the quality of learning, the way a career office integrates with academics, and how the student can develop skills that are valued in the workforce.

    At the end of the day, a nice residence hall, recreation center or dining facility will certainly enhance the college experience. I have worked in these areas and know their contributions are valid. But it is the student's capacity to learn and apply that learning that makes one's education a strong value. This book introduces the full story of how much higher education costs and how to get the most for one's dollar. As a parent, I will certainly be looking at schools in a more enlightened manner. As a college employee, I will do all I can to be prepared for the questions that will be coming my way.