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  • Robert Allen Bria - Equality for ALL Fruits!As a frequent user of the famous apple slicer, I have happily sliced my apples for years while my sorrowful bananas watched longingly from the side. I always had to tell them that it wouldn't be long before they would have their chance, that they were still just as important as the apples even without their own designated slicers. But they didn't understand. Why had they succumbed to this horrible neglect? Why were they so inferior to the lovely crispness of the apple?

    So you can imagine my immediate gratitude when I stumbled upon the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer on Amazon! With it's evenly spaced segments and handy, easy-to-store shape, I found it to be a gift to mankind. Never again will I have to console my bananas and seemingly play favorites to my apples. Never again will I have to live with the guilt of hurting my bananas' egos by only using an apple slicer.

    I feel this product is a very appropriate way to encourage self-esteem in our bananas. I am confident that if you buy this product, your bananas will feel a strong sense of self-worth and appreciation. As an advocate for the No Fruit Left Behind Program, I firmly believe that this is the most important issue, and we must promote equality in all fruits. Thank you, Hutzler, from the bottom of my heart. You do not know how many lives you have touched with this product.
  • JB - Asus Transformer PrimeI have been in search for several years for the tablet that would meet my needs. Alas my journey is over. The Asus Transformer Prime is the answer that I was searching for. It mates with my Android Phone and set up with my Google account was painless. I was up and running in a few minutes with all my apps pulled down from my Google account. It setup all four my email accounts and I had instant access to all my apps I have on my phone. I am truely amazed at the speed and quality of the device. Thank you Asus for meeting my needs and Thank you Amazon in finally getting me my product!

  • DenonFan666 - Let there be dataI have to admit, I was a bit sceptical about this cable at first. I had already purchased a $350 Monster QX7b-4 Cat6 Ethernet cable for my audio system, and I thought "there's no way this cable can be better, the Monster is incredible!."
    I was wrong. As I was thinking about the AKDL1 cable, all of a sudden, by broken PowerBook G4's speakers sprung to life and began emitting the pure, unfiltered word of God in incredible 9.1 HD+ surround sound. I felt pure agony and pure ecstasy in the same instance. In that 2.34 parsec space of time, I can now comprehend the nature of time and throw stars at one another just my motioning to the night sky.
    Needless to say, I bought two of these cables for God and I when we have LANs on Trusmoday (a day that can only be experienced if, you buy this cable.)

    [Update] Oh sweet merciful heavens above! It's happened! The 7 horsemen of the apoclypse are here, but they are not as they were fortold! Whilst LANing with God, our two AKDL1 cables became intertwined and achieved singularity. They were then able to literally rip God in 3 halves and banish the halves to a crystalline matrix, which they then atomised.
    That said, before they destroyed the fabric of space and time and killed God, these cables produced truly excellent sound. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder has never looked or sounded clearer.
  • Deena Shoemaker - I also kissed dating goodbyeI'm going to be 24 this year and I've never had a boyfriend.

    (waits for your double take) No. You read that right. I've never had a boyfriend.
    I've been asked on dates, been asked to be someone's girlfriend, even been proposed to. But I've never had a boyfriend.

    Some people that hear that are bold enough to ask me why. (Their question is actually a little more incredulous. Something like, "WHY?!?")

    I always answer in two words; Joshua. Harris.
    No, he is not some guy I'm waiting for. He's my dad's age, married, and I'm fairly certain he has kids. Definitely not my type.

    He's the author of this incredible book.

    I first read Harris' book when I was in my late teens. I had secretly loathed my inability (or my lack of want) to date up until approximately page two of I Kissed Dating Goodbye. At that point, everything I knew went out the window.

    The point Harris is trying to make is that dating before you're ready to marry is damaging emotionally and sometimes physically. We've got this idea that we're no one if we don't have a significant other. Often we don't date because we want to, but because we feel like we HAVE to. Harris puts it into perspective quickly. When we wait until we're ready for a long-term relationship, we fulfill more easily the other person's needs and not our own short-term wants. When we put dating into perspective, things just go a whole lot smoother.

    Harris opens the book with a dream a friend of his had. In this dream, she was getting married. She stood at the altar and said her vows to her soon-to-be husband. But as he returned his, women began to stand up and line up behind, repeating his vows with him. These were past girlfriends. While they meant nothing to him now, they had, at one time, been given a piece of his heart, a piece that she would now never get to have. She felt betrayed.
    When she woke up, she asked herself how many men could have lined up behind her during that haunting scene.

    This might sound like an extreme psychological reaction, but is it really that far fetched? How many people have you given your heart away to? How many promises did you break? How embarrassed would you be to tell your spouse the things you said or did with these past people?

    The point Harris makes isn't to stop dating altogether. He's not saying cease all dating and one day a spouse is going to magically drop out of the sky for you and land on your doorstep with a shiny bow on their head (though I wouldn't rule that possibility out entirely). He's saying that your dating life needs a purpose. Ask yourself what your motivations and reasons behind dating are. Determine what is ok and what isn't beforehand. When you know your reasoning you have a better approach.

    I recommend this book to anyone that doesn't have a copy (and I occasionally shove my own copy onto people). Can I give this book ten of five stars? Is that allowed? Because I would. I do.