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  • yizzy99 "yizzy99" - Works Wonderfull on Face--Not So Much on PitsSo I have a condition called Hyperhidrosis that ensures that I'm always the first person to begin sweating. I leave the gym drenched and I have to keep a fan on me at work. As a young female, I've avoided a lot of social situations because once I start sweating, I can't stop. It's awful.

    I bought this product because I was working an event in which I was going to be around hip famous types, and the last thing I needed was to sweat my butt off because I knew it would cause me anxiety, which would exasperate the sweating.

    I tried it out a few days prior. I worked it around my hairline, where my problem area is, and under my armpits. I tried it out the next day and found it did nothing for my armpits (Certain Dri, for whatever reason, works better for me there). My face, however, was matte. I was overzealous with it the night before the event, repeating the day of. Even working in a hot theater with chaos and crowds, I only sweat slightly on my face. It was bizarre and awesome because I could feel my face getting hot, but it was dry. Amazing.

    I'm really happy this actually works because I had been contemplating getting Botox just to stop the torrential facial downpour. Finally, relief.
  • M. Jacobs "mj" - It's so hard to accept...that I've struggled for so longAnd there was such a logical explanation. I'm going to sound like everyone else here for a moment.
    I have been unable to lose weight for years- even while doing strict diets like The Pink Method which allows 800 calories.
    I never give up and I follow diet plans to THE LETTER. of course, my doctor never believes me. sigh.
    So, once again New year's I start a diet. No dairy, no sugar, no meat ( except fish and seafood) , no wheat. Not a budge in the scale. I start the plan and 6 days later, I am down 5.5 pounds. It is mind blowing to me. Of course, I hope the pounds keep melting away and the 40 pounds ( 34.5 now) that I miraculously gained at age 40 are gone in some number of months.
    I even ate out in a restaurant on Day 5 and gained .5 so the next day I re-did day 5 and lost 2 pounds. wow. I am full all the time and FORCE myself to eat all the food. How refreshing! Usually, when trying to lose, I am in a constant state of hunger.
    And I have not moved my body during these days. Today I go to yoga for my first bit of exercise.
    In the meantime, I feel great, I have constant energy, no aches and pains and my bloating is completely gone.
    Thank you, truly.
    Update: 11 pounds gone in 17 days :-)
  • Fritz - the WHOLE pictureThis review is not like others explaining how Pink Floyd is the greatest and all others must kneel before them (though they are my favorite band). Instead I bring up a point often overlooked in concern with the Wall. Many "fans" claim this album is decent, with only a few good songs and lots of filler, the problem is that that's not filler. The Wall, like many Floyd albums, is a concept album. the entire album tells a story, the story of an isolated, sad dejected boy who grows up to be a rock star, lives fast takes drugs (comfortably numb) and loses his wife (one of my turns, don't leave me now) and bulids a wall around himself to keep from being hurt or feeling emotions (hence the name, THE WALL) so, while many songs sound like filler try listening to the whole album at once and see if you can understand the subplot. or hey, if you really want to go see the movie they made about it ( aptly tiltled The Wall)
  • J. Calhoun - No-hassle protectionProduct seems to be doing the job. I was using MS Security Essentials ($free) for some time until I discovered I was getting what I paid for. Reviews said Norton was a top performer for protection. I had tried Kaspersky previously, and although the protection was great, I got tired of a few annoyances which never got cleaned up.

    Norton was easy to install. Easy to use. Easy to interact with. Symantec maintains the license online (3 were included with the purchase). I have used 2 so far. I don't know what they do if you uninstall it from a computer in order to install it on a different one - whether you get the license back to use again or just lose it.
  • reality bites - Essential reading for secret agents. Buy the first edition if you need to avoid square riggersAs a spy, one of my main concerns is, naturally, avoiding supertankers -- especially while chasing half-naked enemy nymphs to their underwater lair. And so far, thanks to this brilliant and insightful tome, I have managed to avoid being churned into an ex-agent. But one warning: this second edition omits information about some older craft, so if you are particularly concerned about huge, wind-powered yachts, you would be advised to acquire the first edition as well.