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  • Captain Video - Just what victims of FOX reporters need.

    Are you a progressive personality who runs the risk of being subjected to a FOX cable news ambush interview? This is the perfect defense mechanism for getting rid of the pest before he gets a chance to make you look bad and then run the inteview on FOX.

    It is also effective for protestors wanting to get rid of FOX reporters wanting to ask them questions so that the interview then can be cut to mislead people about what you said.

    Buy seveal cans and always carry one with you.

  • scarygary - WILL ACCEPT 64 GB micro SD cards!

    Let me END the talk over whether or not the SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 10.1 will accept the new 64 GB micro SD cards. In a nutshell, The TAB 2 WILL mount up and allow the use of the 64 GB card! I put one in MY TAB 2, did a quick check of the "storage" page in the "settings" menu, and THERE IT WAS, ready to use. If you get one, make sure that you TURN YOUR TABLET OFF before installing the card, then turn it ON normally to get the tablet to recognize it. The SANDISK 64 GB card is only $52 on AMAZON. Don't make the mistake of getting the cheaper ($22) no-name cards available on AMAZON! they are usually counterfeit, and likely do not have 64 GB of memory on them. If the no-name ones even load up, they pretty much always have CONSIDERABLY less memory than the amount stated in the AD. I bought a couple of 16 GB no-names once, and they actually had 2 GB on them, and constantly gave errors when transferring data. Stick with the name-brand and you can't go wrong!

  • LuAnn Di Paglia - Great product

    I received the Nutri Bullet and I love it! It is so easy to use, and easy to clean up from. I use it almost every day for breakfast drinks. Definitely happy with this purchae and would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an emulsifier. This is not a juicer, which I believe is even better because with the juicer you would lose all of the fiber from the vegetables and fruit you put into the machine. This way you get all the nutrients and the fiber too!

  • Make A Difference - Amazon Please!

    It's well worth the money.
    Women protecting abused women and men is my pylosify.
    Hate and threats should not be allowed here at Amazon.
    It just promotes more hate and more bullying.

    PLEASE Amazon join in and help those that want to stop
    These aren't reviews of the book and the way it is written,
    it's character assissination and threats to the author.
    Please help.
    It has to start somewhere and Amazon would be looked up to
    for taking a stand against hate, bullying and abuse of any kind to