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  • Linda M. Perry - So comfortable.

    This is my ONLY shoe that has enough toe-room AND fits my heel snugly. (Why is it that most shoe manufacturers don't seem to realize that women's heels are narrower than men's?) I got a great pair of comfortable shoes in addition to showing my support for Wendy Davis. No wonder she was able to hold out for 12 hours! Wendy and these shoes are GREAT! I'll be ordering more!

  • L. Rodriguez "mljg220" - Must have item

    This item is a must have if you are applying to medical school. It provides important and relevant information about all the medical schools in the US and certain schools in Canada. Excellent reference source since it includes specific MCAT and GPA average scores of accepted medical students for each particular school.

  • H. Sachs - Norton internet security suite delivers

    I am very pleased with the Norton Internet security suite. It was easily downloaded and installed. I like the fact that it rates the security of every website I visit, so I can tell beforehand that it safe. For example, if you do a Google search, Norton will indicate if the site is safe to visit. In a couple of instances, where I linked from a safe site to another it has alerted me regarding malicious programs that it had intercepted.

  • Penny Pumpkin - Just what I needed

    This product could not be any easier to use. If you just follow a few simple steps, you will have a great cup of coffee in about 2 minutes. I'm pretty clumsy, but even i know how NOT to overflow the water which seems to be a common complaint. First you press power. Then you pour water into the cup you are using to measure and then pour it into the machine. When you open the part that holds the K-cup, the water drains, you then put the K-cup in, close it, put your mug underneath and press brew. Again it could not be easier. It takes up little counter space, is attractive, and there is little or no cleanup involved. My favorite flavor is the Green Mountain - Caramel Vanilla Cream. It definitely depends on what flavor /brand you use so don't judge it until you've tried a variety of k-cups to see which ones you like.

  • Corey - Best Anniversary Gift Ever!

    I bought these pens for my wife, as an anniversary gift. After admiring the gift wrap for what seemed ages, she reluctantly ripped the paper back to find this magnificent product.
    There was a puzzled look on her face when she asked, "what's this?"
    "They're pens," I replied. "You write with them."
    Seeing that dazed look in her eyes, I quickly retrieved a sheet of paper from my desk, jotted down a sentence and read it to her.
    There was a glimmer in her eye that I hadn't seen since I taught her how to read a clock, back when we were dating.
    This product has really helped our relationship progress and has made both of us so happy. Next week, I'm going to teach her math.
    Thanks BIC!