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  • C A Danella - Excellent therapy!This author is truly a pioneer in back therapy. The book is jam-packed with interesting photos that illustrate how far the typical American has regressed from the healthy backs seen in more primitive cultures. Learning one new step each week has made a significant improvement in the level of discomfort I normally feel. I recommend this book to anyone who struggles with back issues or wishes to prevent them.

    Christine Danella, Author
    Tender Points: A Fibromyalgia Memoir
  • K-TRON "hexag1" - The best idea ever?Sam Harris is making the case that there could and should be an entire branch of science devoted to determining human values. He is saying that science can - in principle - discover what we *should* value. This is very different from arguing that science can help us achieve what we already value. That is already obvious, as anyone who has been to the doctor, or benefited from modern agriculture could tell you. Nor is he saying that science can give us insight as to what human beings value, and how their moral reasoning orates. Harris' claim is so bold and ambitious, that if he is right, it will (if a science of values emerges, and is put into practice) transform mankind enormously for the better.

    The philosopher Daniel Dennet is fond of saying that Charles Darwin's idea of natural selection is the best idea anyone ever had. I agree with him. However, if Sam Harris is right, then Dennett will have to move Darwin to second place. What idea or set of ideas could be more valuable than a science of value? If there is anything more valuable, it will itself be a subset of the science of values.

    Harris' comparison of ethics with the science of human physical health is also very helpful. Many objections to his proposal can be shown to be nonsense when we draw an analogy with medicine. For example, if someone is depressed, we might say that they should take an anti-depressant to make them happier. Critics of a science of human happiness will probably be quick to jump on this and say, well, if drug-induced happiness is what we're after, why don't we all just shoot heroin all day? This kind of objection relies on a far too narrow conception of happiness. By analogy, the same critic would have to argue that we should all be shooting steroids, since a doctor might at some point recommend strength training to a weakened patient.
  • SJP3MOM - I am exhausted......I just read this book and have been on an emotional roller coaster. The beginning is shocking but sweet. Then, the ex wife makes a huge declaration which leads to...The middle is horrifying and devastating: I felt the wind leave my lungs. Then when the discovery is made....HOLY S***! Then the end........why can't men do the things in real life that women authors make men do? (Men should take hints from these books!)
    You know the shoe will drop, but there are several shoes: Lisa-what she finally says she has noticed all along, Paris- OMG, Paris....., Jace-protective older brother and best friend discovery. Wow!

    This book really has all the great components. It is well written and keeps you engaged the whole time. I really love Gabe and how much he cares for Mia. I would love to know how Gabe came about his kink.

    This is a great read! The book stands alone, but offers 2 more in the future for more.

    I highly recommend this book from Maya Banks!
  • Daniel B - The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the stars but in ourselves.I was thunderstruck when it said “great for cereal.” Having been diagnosed with road rage, my doctor recommended I add banana and oatmeal to my diet to keep me calm. I eat a lot of oatmeal at work and having sliced bananas in my bowl is a must. Growing tired of using the plastic knives they give us in the lunchroom that don’t cut decently, I resorted to chopping up my banana by hand. The result was catastrophic. Imagine having mashed banana all over your hands while typing out a lawsuit deadline. The look on my keyboard would make anyone with a soul want to vomit. I really NEEDED my 11am bowl of oatmeal with banana or my road rage disease would morph me into Dr. Jekyll. But my hands would be covered in mashed banana. What might my co-workers think seeing my hands and keyboard? Will they judge me? Will we still be friends after my breakfast is all over? They probably wish I did not eat oatmeal, or even exist at all. Then I tried the banana slicer and my life immediately became doubleplusgood. It cuts the banana into equal sizes without the mushy hands. Many questions came rushing through my mind regarding human ingenuity. Although many evils in this world have been made by man, such as the atom bomb, there is also much good . What will the future of human ingenuity bring? As I sat eating my oatmeal with banana, I remembered my Shakespeare: “The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the stars but in ourselves.”
  • Michael R. Young "Mike" - He is a Superstar if ever there was oneI absolutly love this musical. I saw it on Broadway, saw it at the Papermill Play House in Milburn,NJ, saw the movie, purchased the DVD, purchased the LP and to this day, I never grew tired of listening to this wonderfully and is, in my opinion, terrific contempoary and brilliantly scoreed rock musical. I really can't believe that it took me so long to purchase the CD version. Well better late than never. If you love musicals then you will love this CD. If your aren't interested in the theology of the story and if you enjoy theology then you will love this music especially for the portrayal of Judas. If you have heard it then you will enjoy hearing it again and again. If you haven't heard it then what are you waiting for? Anyway you look at it, you will enjoy listening to this, in my opinion, contemporary musical classic, Jesus Christ Superstar