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  • onehappyhen - Quickbooks Easy BooksQuickbooks makes my accounting care-free. With memorized transactions, my regular monthly bills are a no-brainer. By entering bills upon receipt, I do not have to even THINK about when to pay bills - it's all right there! Also invaluable are the many reports especially at tax time! Thanks for the great product.
  • J. Moore "Zombie Prep Network" - Lots of fun and very handyFor the price, this is an awesome sketching tool. You definitely need a tablet to use this. If you have a tablet, buying this software is a no-brainer.

    Start the thing up, and you are sketching immediately. The unique user interface tools take a short time to get used to, but they are well thought-out. There are tons of configurable drawing tools to keep things interesting.

    If you do any kind of drawing or sketching and want to try out computer art - this is a great first buy. The tools may also be well suited for professionals. I am not a pro, but some of the sample artwork I've seen with this software is really good.
  • Steve Berczuk - Compelling Story that can Stand AloneI had a hard time putting this book down and I'm no longer worried about the series losing steam as it continues. This story has Pendergast and his protégé Corrie exploring an old crime that leads to the discovery of a present day crime, that connects back to Victorian time. In addition to the the main story, there is an entertaining original Sherlock Holmes story within the book. If you are a fan of the Pengergast books, this is a must read. And while the context of prior stories gives this one more depth, it would not be a bad first book, since the story is self-contained, with only a few, well explained, references to to the rest of the Pendergast Universe.
  • Donald L. Allison, Jr. - Make sure you get what you need!I bought the download version thinking it was like all the Deluxe versions I'd seen in the stores and included Federal, State, and efile, especially since it was the only Deluxe version I found on Amazon. The price had gone up $2 since I first looked at it a couple of hours earlier, and it stayed at $27 for the next couple of days, so I went ahead and bought it. It was only a day or two later that Amazon dropped the price to $17, and while it was frustrating, at least I had my tax software for the year...only I didn't!! I looked at the deal of the day today and saw that they had SEVERAL versions of the Deluxe software--some for Mac, some for PC, and some with and WITHOUT the State package!! Sure enough, I had gotten the one without the State package--so I had to end up buying it AGAIN, this time with the State software as well (it was cheaper than paying H&R Block $37 for the State program). At least it was "only" another $20. So I paid $47 to Amazon for software I could have gotten in the store for $36. I am VERY unhappy with the way Amazon incorrectly advertised this and randomly changed prices without giving me any recourse! Be aware...make SURE you get the right package, and read the fine print in the description to be sure you get what you think you are getting!!! (Actually even the fine print doesn't help, because the comparison chart in the description PLAINLY says that the Deluxe version includes one state's package as well--even though this version of the Deluxe software does NOT.)

    As far as the software itself goes, I just installed it and need to wait til I get all my tax documents before I can complete the return, so I don't have much experience with it currently--but it installed easily, and if it's anything like last year's package, it should be easy to use and get the job done.

    Ratings wise, I give the software a tentative 5 stars...and I give Amazon 0 stars!!!
  • Eric Chappell - Top Notch Beginner's BookMr. Gladfelter does an incredible job of satisfying the "No Experience Required" aspect of this book while at the same time covering the topics with a surprising level of depth. Although it is written in a way that enables virtually anybody to pick the book up and begin learning AutoCAD, it does not merely "skim the top" of AutoCAD but continues each topic's journey beyond the basics and into the more advanced concepts. This book is designed for someone completely new to AutoCAD and if read and worked through completely, it will turn that person into a solid AutoCAD user.