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  • Petra Ortiz "Mother, Publisher, Author, Consu... - you CAN drink coffee again: diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, hypertension...I've been drinking this brand [OG] for over 12 months now, and believe that Organo Gold coffee is different from alot of the 'healthy' coffee brands and 'regular' brands out there. "OG" as I like to call it, is 100% Arabica [low acidity] and has only 9mg of caffeine per cup, as opposed to the 134mg in 'regular' coffee. At first I was worried that I'd get headaches and / or some other type of 'withdrawal' symptoms from the decreased amount of caffeine, but the Ganoderma in this coffee more than compensates for that. It naturally invigorates a body, and overall, one should feel very calm. Most people mention to me that this coffee tastes 'very good' and 'smooth'. Most comment on the noticeable energy and stamina that day after just one cup. Some have lost weight and most experience detoxification within one week. If you have health issues or ailments, you may want to search-engine 'ganoderma (comma) 'any disease' you can think of, to find out more. You will find many brands of 'healthy coffee' out there-in my opinion this one tastes really good. But I highly recommend you taste the product and see what it can do for YOU. Every 'body' is different. I'm just one person, but for me, this brand has positively affected my: blood pressure, sugar cravings, mood, flexibility, migraines/headaches, skin, allergies [prone to sinus allergies]. I am happy to report that I have NEVER encountered: jitters, crash, burning stomach, nor nausea with this coffee (as was the case with my previous habit of 3 to 4 cups a day of 'regular' coffee). Go to pubmed, answers, reishi to learn even more about Ganoderma. Healthy Gourmet Coffee OrGano Gold Ganoderma. If black is not your style, there is a creamer & sugared "Latte", a dark chocolate added "Mocha" and [perfect for ADD sufferers and all children] "Hot Chocolate". If you thought green tea couldn't get any healthier, check out the nutrition information on the "Green Tea" (one tea bag makes up to 5 cups). As you can tell, I REALLY love this brand. Don't get me started on how my skin's appearance has improved from the G3 soap use...
  • K. Grover - Amazing!I was diagnosed with PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) and have had a wacky cycle for years. I was put on birth control and a bunch of other medicines to help regulate my cycle, but it was all too much. The last medication I tried was Metformin, which did nothing, at the highest dose. I stumbled upon FertilAid for Women while doing some internet research, and decided to give it a try. After taking it for only 2 weeks, my cycle started on its own!!!! I am using it as a cycle regulator, not to get pregnant right off, but still, I highly recommend this to anyone out there with an abnormal cycle!